Jennet and AustinMature

Jennet and Austin stared at the house where the girl lived or more importantly the door; which was broken in half and then into pieces.

"The likely hood of the fucking girl being here has dropped." Austin growled as he kicked the main box, breaking that as well.

"One can't be sure of that, until they've actually looked, also Austin the swearing isn't needed nor is it wanted." Jennet said, as she hit Austin over the head for his behaviour.

"All you Victorians have sticks up your bottoms."

"Let's go in, so the boss can't be mad at us for not looking." Jennet sighed, walking up to the house, past the broken door.

The boss won't be to happy about this. She thought as the familiar scent entered her nose.

"What happened here?" A women asked, so this must be the girl's mum.

"Hello, we're looking for your daughter."


"Yes, do you know where she is?" Jennet asked, not trusting Austin to open his mouth, he was more likely to tell the women the real reason they were here.

"She should be in her work room in the basement."

Well, she's not anymore Jennet thought, not caring that the women might have a heart attack when she finds that her daughter was missing.

"Thank you, but it seems she's not here at the moment."

"Want to leave your names, so I can tell her you came to visit."

"No, it's quite alright. We'll came another time to see Gem, but for now we must leave."


Jennet waited until the house was behind them and they were near their car, before turning to Austin an annoyed expression on her pretty face.

"Boss, isn't going to be happy." She stated, in fact she wasn't to happy about it either, it's was them it was always them.

"When is the boss ever happy?" Austin asked her, it was the truth their boss was always mad about something or mad at someone.

"It may be true, but that's not the point."

"Then what is the fucking point??" Austin asked, throwing his hands in the air in a 'I give up' manner, what was with this women and her love for riddles.

"The point is the girl is gone."

"So who got her."

"One of Maximus', Luke with you want to be process about it." 

"Boss isn't going to be just 'unhappy' the boss is going to be downright pissed when we tell her this."

"For once I agree with you." Jennet said, she made a face at his language, but made no comment about his swearing, even if she wanted to hit him over the head.

"What's that meant to mean?"

"It means you're stupid."

"That doesn't matter Boss isn't going to like this one bit."

"Isn't that what I just said."

The End

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