Collaborative YA/Adult Supernatural Story exclusively between BrittanyWilton and myself.

Gem sat up in her desk chair, stretching for at least the hundredth time that night. She tapped her nails on the mouse, making a resounding clacking noise. She had to get this manuscript finished. Hamilton wouldn't wait for long. He liked her work, and she was successful, but his look on things was, if she couldn't make the deadline, there were plenty more fish in the literate sea. 

She'd gotten most of it down, and as ever, was stuck writing the final scene. This book was going to be the end of a much loved series, paving the way for a new one. How do I end it? She thought to herself. After sitting staring blankly at the screen for several more minutes, she stood with a sigh. Fuck Hamilton. I need a drink. 

She was leaving her office (the cupboard of a room in her Mother's basement) when there was a loud rap on the front door. She strode towards it, her Doc Martins clomping on the floor as she walked. The knock sounded again, more urgent this time. She stopped. Who the hell would knock like that?

The next knock, wasn't a knock at all. The door splintered in two, blasting into the room. Gem couldn't help but think as she fell to the floor, this would make a great scene in one of my books. 


Luke looked down at the girl dispassionately. This was the girl Maximus wanted? He snorted, she didn't seem so powerful laid on the floor. He bent down, and scooped her up, striding from the house purposefully. Maximus wouldn't take kindly to her getting hurt, and the others would be there soon. He loaded her into the car he had stolen, barely caring that there wasn't enough room, and slid into the driver's seat. 

He pulled out into the main road, without really looking, and sped off into the night.


Gem woke, and she knew she was moving. She patted the space around her. Soft, that musky car smell. That was it, she was in a car. At least it wasn't the boot. She shot up, hands scrambling to find the door handle. No luck. A laugh came from the front, the person who spoke having a distinct London accent. "Good luck with that Chickie, you're not going to find the handle." He held up a large plastic lump. "I broke it."

Gem assessed the situation. She wasn't tied up. That was good, right? She climbed into the passenger seat, looking at her captor with narrow eyes. "Who are you?" 

"Name's Luke. You're Gem. There you go, niceties done, you can climb in the back and be quiet now."

"Where are you taking me?" 

The man turned to her with a wide smile. It took Gem a shocked moment to notice the fangs. No, she must be imagining things. People don't have fangs. He laughed, "Noticed these, huh?" He ran his tongue along the edge of them. "Yes. They're real."

Gem felt the blood run from her face. She'd always written about things like Vampires, and Werewolves, but she'd never imagined that they really existed. She gulped, voice quiet when she spoke, "Where are you taking me? Are you- going to- to- kill me?" 

He laughed again. "Take it easy Stutterella, no, I'm not going to kill you. I don't want to be dead any time soon." He looked over at her, "Since you insist on talking. I'll tell you where we're going. I am taking you to meet my Maker. He sent me to get you."

She looked up at him through her lashes, "Why? What does he want with me?"

"Fucked if I know. He just sent me to collect you, before the others found you first."


Luke looked at her with raised brows, "Fuck me, you really don't have a clue, do you?"  

The End

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