A Warm BathMature

II. A Warm Bath
Shane and Northwest

Taptaptaptaptaptap. Click. Creeeeak.



“Ow, shit! Fuck off! H-hey, that uh… that, yeah that. Bring that over here!”

BAM. BAM. BAM. Sksssssh.

“That’s good for now, c’mon!”

BAM. BAM. BAM. Bam. Bam. bam. Taptaptaptapclick. Click.

“You all right?”

bam bam bam.

“They’re still out there…”

“… door…?”

“Door’s fine. We got two doors for them to break before they get to us. I think we’ll be all right."


“I’m fine. No need to fuss. C’mon, get away from the door.”


“I think this’ll be good for right now. That door looks pretty solid. This’ll be good. C’mere.”

Taptap. Tap.

“S’okay. We’re gonna rest here for a while.”


“Maybe. S’big enough. C’mon.”


“You okay?”




“…Forgot that winter was comin’. S’awful cold out. Think we’ll be okay. Heh, you know it’s weird. I didn’t think it was cold earlier. I ain’t expect to see snow.”

“They’ll die…”

“God, I hope so. Or they’ll get real slow.”

“It’s gonna be a morgue.”

“This place too, huh?”

“Every place.”

“Not every place. Not here. Nope, me and you are gonna stay nice and warm right here.”

“…Are you scared?”

“Nah.  S’all right s’long as the doors hold. We can stay the night in here and hopefully they’ll be gone by mornin’. Er… when we wake up. You think it’s mornin’? …Nah, doesn’t matter. I think we can get a good couple hours’ shut eye in here. It’s dark.”


“The good kind of dark, y’know? The kind that you get when you turn everything off and get real snug under all your blankets in your room. That kind. Ah, well. Not exactly like that now, is it? Sorry to tell you, buddy, but you ain’t much of a blanket. You’re awful cold. Am I helpin’ any?”

“Shane is… warm.”

“Good. Got plenty of body heat for the both us. After all that runnin’ I’m surprised you ain’t burnin’ up. ‘Course, it is winter now and we ain’t got much to call clothes. Maybe it’s ‘cause I’m bigger’n you. Heh, guess that works out; just enough room in this thing for the two of us.”

bam. bam.

“Restless sonsabitches. But we’ll be all right. You’re gonna sleep, right?”

“Sleep… we sleep?”

“Yeah. We sleep. You first. I’ll make sure nothin’ gets too close. I got you.”




“I will, I promise. I promise.”

The End

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