cHeESeAnATor AlERt

The cHeESeAnATor was a random gadget, rather like an electric-powered funnel, which fired orange squares of cheese at the oranges, and some at Cool Cola Guy. Being only small, these cheese squares enveloped the oranges, who found themselves being squished and killed… again.

The cHeESeAnATor had a very loud alarm that was activated whenever the machine was started up and that startled the Cat’s Pyjamas, and the random narrator-person. They screamed at the noise which sounded very much like ‘orange, orange, orange’.

The pole dancers were getting bored (as the cHeESeAnATor could operate itself) so they randomly starting dancing to Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’. Not the most appropriate song, but at least it wasn’t Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’!

By now, the entire orange group was almost destroyed, and the remainder were crying out to be saved from the ‘giant’ cheese squares. Their cries were almost as loud as the cHeESeAnATor alarm.

“Never fear, oranges!” Yelled out a voice, and someone stepped from the shadows.

It was… Jon!

I told you he wouldn’t be dead for very long.

The End

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