Back To The Umm...Plot

There was now another character who arrived, one not welcome in this story...

The Cool Cola Guy.

He thinks he can just wander into any of my stories, but he cannot. I say the short one who wears a red shirt and shorts, says many words, but only ones involving the word cool, and he liked cola and he wears shades and he keeps wandering into my stories uninvited...

I hate him.

But it is not the end of the world he surely won't alter my story at all.


No. He said cool!

Anyway he went on a murderous everyone.

I wish.

Anyway, even though the unkillable Cool Cola Guy is ruining my story, it must go on.



Anyway the poledancers were set on becoming annoyed, so they decided to set revenge on the oranges.

So they used the cHeESeAnATor  to attack the oranges and...


The End

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