The cat's Pyjamas return, the most epic chapter ever!

Welcome to the break from the plot! Sit down, have a glass of orange juice (it’s freshly… um, squeezed through a lawnmower and fan. Whoops I wasn’t going to mention the plot but, oh dear, I have now), and we’ll all have a chat with the people grouped over here.

“Hello, pole dancers from Peru, and hello, Cat’s Pyjamas.”

“Well, hello, random narrator-person.”

“You know, Cat’s Pyjamas, you would look very good on my orange and fluffy cat, Tommy.”

“Why thank you, narrator-person.”

“Anyway C’s PJs, we can see that the pole dancers came from their Peru, but how did you arrive here?”

“It was very epic! I was travelling across space to the planet Orangeous- one of the most orange-filled planets in the entire universe- when my awesome, orange-coloured spaceship zoomed across the Earth’s atmosphere and the Carbon Dioxide affected my starboard motors. So there I was plummeting to Earth, when I saw that I was heading straight for Wall-Mart (which was awesome as I know they sell oranges by the bucket-load), and I managed to steer the ship round to the dumpsters behind the shop. Just as it was getting out of control, I pressed the mysterious orange button that I’ve never used before… It turns out, that button is an ‘eject’ button!”

“And then you just came over here to see what all the fuss was about the cursed Orange Marble?”

“Yes, yes I did.”

“Thank you Cat’s Pyjamas, and pole dancers from Peru who said nothing!”

Well, now I think that’s it from us here at the Orange break-centre. I’ll let you sit back and enjoy the film…

The End

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