The Curse of the Luminous Orange Marble

See what happens when you let Jon's friends out of a mental asylum... anyhow the boy who loves orange so much that he stole so many from the grocers he was banned for life, was back, and looking to steal a cursed marble, but they only had one left, and it was conveniently an orange one.

Now since he had took that the owners had become very angry.

And when I say angry I mean The Hulk angry.

So the marble was cursed after all, to bring angry shopkeepers. The two ran over Jon's body, still on the floor as it has been forgotten by the previous author... Same on you.

Now since the grocery store was next to where Jon's orange body still lay as nobody had bothered to move it in the last two chapters. You may think this was inconsistant and yes it is as there are two Jon's and the other is dead so we are using him as we can't find the alive one, but also orange one. 

and it was three chapters.

Anyway meanwhile the poledancers were starting to have a chat with the cats pjs who for some reason haven't been meentioned for a while, I think deserve a chapter for themselves, don't you?

So let's take a break from the plot (when I say plot I am saying it in the very loosest sense of the word)

Here it is...



The End

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