Putting Oranges through a fan... or indeed a lawnmower

So the pole dancers ran around screaming. And the people passing by stared in shock. And it was all a big disaster. 

But now our story moves far from the pole dancers from Peru, to a small boy who was standing 2.23 metres away from them. 

The boy was wearing various shades of orange, and his hair was orange, and he had so much fake tan on that his skin looked orange. (Do not ask me why he had fake tan on). He looked just like an orange smurf. 

This boy planned to steal the famous luminous orange marble, that was being sold in the second hand shop the pole dancers from Peru were standing next to for £3.50. So the boy came up with a plan. He took his basket of oranges and tipped over the batmobile/lawnmower and turned it on. Then he put the oranges through the lawnmower. They spewed out of the top, coating everything in very thick and lumpy orange smoothie. Then he grabbed the nearest orange fan and put the oranges through that and made it worse!

He ran into the shop and took the marble. Then he ran out shouting

"I have the marble! I have the marble!"

And everything stopped (even the lawnmobile and the fan) and turned to look at him. Silence. The boy wandered what was going on.

The End

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