To the batmobile... AKA the lawnmower

The pole dancers from Peru (both sides this time) ran as swiftly as they could to their ‘Batmobile’, which unfortunately was not as Batmobiley as the one from the proper Batman films. It was a lawnmower. An orange lawnmower!

Luckily for them, the pole dancers from Peru madly loved the colour orange (as you already know because they liked to yell it out to everyone they passed in the street or pole danced with) and were incredibly happy with their Batmobile-AKA-Lawnmower.

The pole dancers managed (somehow) to squish themselves all into the one small orange lawnmower and were all arguing on which way they should go.

“I have a brilliant idea,” one said, “We should drive around like we know what we’re doing, and freak out some people.”

“No, I have a better idea. Let’s go and buy some oranges!” Said another.

They put on some groovy Batman music and drove backwards through a hedge before heading towards the main road that lead to Wall-Mart. Suddenly there was a large thump and some of the pole dancers covered their eyes in fright.

One brave pole dancer peered over the side of the ‘Batmobile’, to see a body.

“Oh no, you killed Jon!” Cried another pole dancer who had an unnaturally squeaky voice. All the pole dancers gathered round to hear Jon’s final words.



Luckily for him, in these sorts of stories, Jon will not be dead for long!

The End

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