Death Scene - The Outsider

The Outsiders - I can't remember what the book was all about but I do plan on reading it again. The movie was awful!!! I'm glad I didn't get to watch it all either...

Our teacher made us write about what someone else saw I guess and use some quotes from the book.

This one was written in 8th grade.

Enjoy. I know it has errors but oh well. I typed it down exactly how it was and yes at the end I repeat the whole thing cause I was tired and I didn't feel like writing this stinking paper for

On a chilly Saturday night, I rounded the corner to see five boys suddenly stop. Sirens Sounded! I looked up to see lights flashing violently behind a guy. The guy was running as fast as his legs would carry him across the lot. He stopped under a bright street light. The tires of the police cars screeched to a stop in the center of the lot. The guy under the streetlight turned to face the police cars taking out a black object. 

"Oh no, it's a gun!" I thought.

Slamming their doors, the police got out and help up shiny black guns in their hands. I turned to see what the boys were doing. The shortest of the group was shaking his head. I felt sorry for him. The police pulled their triggers. Bullets sliced through the silent night as loud as thunder. When the bullets struck him, he was truned around. I could see a smile of triumph on his face. 

"He must have wanted this, and he surely got what he wanted." I thought numbly.

He was dead before he hit the ground because I saw his eyes turn glazed, empty, and cold. I watched as the policemen searched his pockets. One of the policemen took out a switchblade from the dead guy's pockets and put it into a plastic bag. I walked forward to ask some questions.

"Excuse me sir. Why were you chasing him? He didn't even fire once. Did his gun have any bullets?" I asked, hoping he would respond.

Luckily, he did and the officer replied, "That man lying there robbed a grocery store.  We just discovered his gun doesn't have any bullets. Now, young lady please leave the premises."

So what I know is the dead guy robbed the grocery store. He ran from the lot. He went to stand under the streetlight only to turn around and pull out his gun. He knew very well that the police would fire at him and he would be able to end his life. 

"He had planned the whole thing!" I thought miserably. 

I had felt tremendously scared with all of tonight's event. So, I turned around and headed toward my home putting away all that had occurred.

The End

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