Smith & Jones

Detectives Smith & Jones are called upon to investigate the death of the World Wrestling Champion. What originally appears to be a suicide quickly turns out to be something far more sinister. Can these two detectives put aside their differences and solve the case as they enter the wacky world of professional wrestling?

Detective Daniel Smith was young, handsome and inexperienced. Essentially, he was everything that his superior, Detective Mitch Jones was not. Complete opposites, they'd been paired together as what they could only assume was an attempt at humour. Smith & Jones. Get it? Neither did Daniel Smith, but Mitch seemed to find it funny. He's do his hacking laugh as he chewed on his cigar as Daniel asked him to explain. 

The two didn't get on. Mitch didn't even know what an iphone was. He was out of touch, and condescending, and had no issue with wounding Daniel's pride on regular occasions. The two had often found themselves in shouting matches that everyone else in the LAPD attempted to discourage. Mitch's cursing rants could be heard from every corner of the building and his language did nothing to improve the image of the police department. 

"We've had a call."  said Jones as he walked in to the office, lighting up another cigar. Smith wasn't sure how he afforded them.  

"Yes?" Smith replied. He often attempted to keep up an image of intellectual superiority when talking to the gruff, masculine Mitch Jones.

"The World Wrestling Champion has been found dead in a hotel room." 

The End

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