Death of Pan

This is an intro story that i wrote for a philosophy discourse on another blog. I liked it very much though. The idea is this: What happens when Peter Pan is not believed in? I see this as a start to a bigger story.

The darker shade, manlike and quiet, floated in and out of the city’s rooftops trying to escape the reality chasing him, but could never quite be eluded. Hide and seek, criss crossing the town was a familiar game to the dark shadow and its reality. They had come here for adventure, that’s why they always came here, adventure.
Through an open window like a wraith the darker shade goes through the nursery and slips through the keyhole into the bureau that stands against one flower encrusted wall. The reality enters, Pan stands upon the window sill striking a pose both egotistic and defiant without knowing it. Pan forever the alpha dog in any situation knows no other pose. Jumping down from the window, figure back lit, but showing no shadow, he stalks towards the bureau.

A girl wakes and sees a time worn wild boy with straw sticking out from his blazing red hair stalking towards her knickers drawer. She has seen this scene before maybe ten years ago. She has grown up from then though and the nursery is not a nursery anymore, but the room of a teenager. Dolls and Dollhouse replaced with Computer desk and lava lights. Groggily she speaks, “Go away Peter, I don’t believe in you anymore…”
The permanent wry smile upon Pan’s face turns to a scowl as he falls to his knees. Shock shows in his once sparkling eyes . He falls to the floor face up seeing Wendy’s face looking blank and indifferent as Pan’s vision blurs and a last gasp escapes his lips. The darker shade of dark sees this from within the drawer looking out through the keyhole.

Wendy turns in bed, closes her eyes even before her head touches the pillow and without so much as a sigh is back asleep. Hearing Wendy’s quiet snores the darker shade of night comes out of the keyhole and stands over Pan. If it could have cried it would have. Great alligator tears for the death of King and the end of an era. Great despair colored its darkness inky and Just as it had come in the room the Shadow of Pan leaves, quiet as the grave and goes into a new and bleak city. The city’s only sign of Pan’s passing was a darker night sky and new blanket of practicality covering it. Looking up for home Shadow saw the second star on the right was not a star anymore, Nothing was there at all- like it had never been.

The End

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