Freedom Freedom

  After having explained all the ins and outs of his arrival to the boys Ottowa was able to once again help thier mother recuperate from her injuries. Ottowa was able to make her look as if nothing happened at all immediatly. She was so grateful yet she feared that the people in town would notice her husband missing and start to ask questions. Ottowa assured her that he could help with that as well.

  Soon it was time for Ottowa to go back to the shelf and to watch over them he had requested that one of the boys take him back home when this was all over. Joey said he would since he is friends with one of the girls Ottowa belongs to.

 There was such a silence in the house now and an air of freedom there was no yelling no screaming and no blood. There was nothing but love and warmth and the feeling of FREEDOM.

Casey and Joey decided to make the best of it and do all the things they couldnt do when thier dad was around. They made forts in the living room and had a cookout with thier mom and they watched movies till midnite. The three of them were so happy and Ottowa was on the shelf very happy to have helped them get to that point.

  The boys and thier mom were still wondering when thier dad would be back and how different he would be. Ottowa knew that thier Dad was never coming back.

The End

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