Here We Go Again!

  Later that day there was an arguement over why thier mother hadnt bought her husband the right size of socks. He was in her face shoving socks at her and yelling"What size are these?"Huh?" Oh do I look like a size 6?" He just kept taunting her and laughing when she cried. He was a monster and the boys both knew if they went inside they would get it too. Just then Casey said"We should go in so we can see what Ottowa is going to do." Yeah we should" Joey said.

So they went inside and by now he had her in the kitchen up against the counter. The boys just were very quiet and watched from the living room. They saw Ottowa on the shelf and they knew it was about to happen. The cat figurine opened up and glowed smoke coming forth and soon Ottowa was standing before them. He said"Its Time" and they both knew what that meant. Ottowa watched as the boys father continued to beat on thier mother. Soon Ottowa blew a small string out of his mouth that hit thier dad in the neck. He went down to the floor witha loud "thud" and his wife was able to get away so she did.

Ottowa stood over the paralyzed figure of the boys father and he uttered 3 words. "Unjunoi, Kattarj, Sibin." And with that the figure of thier father dissapeared in a cloud of dust. The boys were astonished they asked "Where did he go?" Ottowa said "Where he can hurt you no more." "He will be hurt instead eternally" and he went on to explain that this is what has been done with people like this since the dawn of creation.

 "Wow just like that "Poof gone?" Unbelievable!" Joey said

"Yes" Ottowa replied "just like that."

Casey said "Will he ever come back?"He is our Dad you know."

Ottowa said"No he is never coming back."He will soon be replaced with a better him and then he will be back."

The boys then focused on thier mother who was once again badly beaten and crying she was scared and not sure if Ottowa had done the right thing by her husband since she did love her husband. "When will he be back Ottowa?"she asked

"When his transformation into a better suited being is complete." Ottowa said.

"That could take some time."the two boys said

The End

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