Daddys Home

  The next day happened to be thier dads day off and the boys were not as scared as usual. Thier mother had just made breakfast for them and they were watching cartoons. "Boys I want you both to clean your rooms today I want things extra nice for when your dad gets home k?" Ok Mom" the boys said. The boys finished breakfast and started dusting and vaccuming right away.

Soon it was around lunchtime when they all heard that familiar diesel sound of a roar pull into the driveway. They knew he was home. The door opened and he was there in all his just got laid glory. He said"Honey Im Home"Ha!and slammed the door. The boys mother asked if he wanted lunch.Wreaking of booze and all night strange he replied"I already ate!" Get me!"and he sat down in his chair to watch T.V.

Joey and Casey stayed out of his way for the most part. He seemed really tired and they used that to thier advantage making sure to stay outside most of the day.

The End

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