1278 Ancient Years

 Ottowa was very beautiful as if never touched by abuse his whole life and he explained to the boys and thier mother that he had incurred much abuse and as long as he was inside the figurine it had healed him of all the scars.

The boys and thier mother swept up the remains of the figurine and put them up on the counter. Ottowa had instructed them to do so. He said that he would permanently remain in thier home as long as needed and he said that when abuse would start he would put an end to it. Yet he didnt say how....

It was getting late, time for the boys to go to bed. They slept so peaceful that night unlike any other. Ottowa stayed up to spend time with thier mother. He helped her clean up the mess her husband had made and he helped her heal her sorrows alittle more. Ottowa soon got back inside the figurine put the pieces together with magic and the boys mother put him on a shelf in the living room.

Her husband didnt come home all that night. Peace and Quiet.

The End

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