Strange Luck

 "It was at the door when I opened it to see who was there.""Maybe it has super powers or something." Casey looked at the figurine and just for a second he thought it could, he hoped it could.

They put the figurine on the floor near thier mom in the kitchen and it started to glow and the blood and bruises on thier mother just dissapeared. It was a miracle and the boys knew they had something very special. The figurine was such an answer to prayer. This could be the way out. The boys still had no idea where this strange object came from. The figure was emitting a smoke of blue and green and suddenly it shattered everywhere. The boys were alittle scared when a figure arose from the shattered remains. The figure was of a child. "My name is Ottowa and Im sorry if I scared you but Im here to help you with your dilemma, you see I am around 1278 yrs old I am ancient but wise."

Ottowa explained how he had grown up in many abusive homes and he was reincarnated so many times to new lives with new families and some were abusive and some were not. He said that he had developed a love for cats that each of these homelives provided and the cats helped him many times from recieving beatings or healing afterwords.

The boys sat in amazement of how this Ottowa had lived and died and lived for so many years. Thier mother was getting better before thier eyes. She was able to smile and talk and she was thanking Ottowa for the help."Thankyou!" she said

  Ottowa was pleased to lightly touch her cheek and say"Your Welcome"

Ottowa went on to tell them that they will no longer suffer the heated rage of this evil man amongst them he told them that since ancient times there have always been these problems and how the figurines of cats have been placed in homes where these horrible injustices occur. The figures watch the horror and soak it all in and then soon the figurines become filled with the souls of the abused and can then break free and roam the earth to save others.

The boys and thier mother were fascinated with all the history of this being before them and wondered why he had not shown up sooner. He explained to them that a certain amount of abuse has to be absorbed in order for the figurine to become a soul and break free. The abuse had gotten so bad in that house that it was time to do something.

The End

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