Blood And Tears

  The boys wondered why noone showed up they had called and they had said they needed help. They were afraid to go look at thier mother in the kitchen. She was face down and she was unconcious she had blood caked in her hair and on her hands. The boys could see that she also had bruises on her stomach and back from the side. It was awful and there was noone to help.

Casey and Joey helped pick up thier mom best they could and sat her on a chair at the table, they started wiping the blood off of her. Thier dad had left to go to someones house in a hurry. The boys knew why...

As Joey wiped the blood from his moms eye she started to say something. She said "Hi Sweetie,Thanks for helping me" Joey said"I love you mom and hes never gonna do this again." She smiled as much as she could and said "Ok." Casey had made sure to check for his dad to come back. There was no sign of him, Casey thought if hes with that girl he likes he wont be home for hours. And that was great!

There was a knock at the door....Joey went to answer it and there was noone there. There was a strange figurine placed at the front of the door that looked like a cat.

Joey picked up the figurine and held it to the light in the living room the figurine had a large jewel in it that sparkled when the light hit it just right. The cats eyes were made of jewels too. Joey showed it to Casey "Wow where did you find that?"

The End

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