This Is The Last Time

The arguing was escalating and the boys mother was getting pushed and kicked they could tell by the sounds emitting from the kitchen. The boys just continued playing video games and tears were streaming down thier faces the whole time. "What can we do Casy?" "I dont know Joey." hes hurting her real bad."The idea didnt come till they heard the last scream and then Casey said" I have an idea." Lets call someone!"so the two boys secretly called thier friends parents to come over quick. The boys knew they couldnt answer the door so they told the parents to bring the police. The beating stopped in the kitchen and the boys dad was in the bathroom cleaning the blood of his hands.

"Darnit the.....bled all over me." Casey and Joey heard him say as he washed his hands. The boys knew thier mother was in real bad shape.Soon help would be here and all would be done. But nonone came.

The End

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