Loss Of Consciousness

 The rest of the evening seemed to go slow and soon Joeys and Caseys dad was awake and he was hungry. Joeys mom had wrapped som fishsticks up in the fridge for her husband. She asked if he wanted her to warm them up. He said"Go ahead its too late for me to get real food at the bar anyway." So she did.

Joey went into Caseys room to play some video games and try to get his mind of of the earlier evening events. They played Halo 3 for hours and each time they played Joey would wish he could transform into the characters to fight off evil especially his Dad. They also enjoyed playing zombie chase games and interactive x-box games as well.

Joey looked at his brother Casey and he saw how bright Casey was and how everything just seemed to fall into place for his brother and that thought made him very happy. Joey was sure that Casey could withstand just about anything since he had seen his brother protect himself from his dad time and time again.

As they continued to play the game it occured to Joey that Casey was a warrior and he could actually protect Joey. Joey asked Casey if he could do him a favor. Casey said "Sure what can I do for you bro?" Joey said " Can you make it so dad cant hit mom or me anymore?" Casey said" Ill do whatever it takes to see that you are safe you and mom. And it was right then that Joey knew it could all be over soon.

Joeys dad was up and around and he was restless he started arguing with Joeys mom and he was saying awful things that made his mom cry.

The End

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