Time To Panic

It was nearing 6:00 and his dad would be home soon. Joey thought of all the things that his dad would find that he did wrong. It was too late to fix any of them now. He heard the diesel engine pull into the driveway. Joey knew it was time to panic. He could hear his dads footsteps in the kitchen and he could hear the banter between his mom and dad. His dad said" Whats for dinner?" and he heard his mom say"fishsticks" and with that he then heard a "thud"he could hear his mom crying and he heard his dad say." If I would have wanted fishsticks for supper from my wife,I would have married the first ....... I ever came in!" He could hear his mom begging and pleading with his dad to stop.

Joey heard his dads footsteps go into the living room. He knew his dad was watching T.V. now. So he then quietly went into the bathroom down the hall. Joeys dad was waiting for him after he got out."Joey!" Come in here now!" he hollered. Joey went into the living room and as soon as he got there he was grabbed by his shirt and held close to his dads face. Joey could smell the alcohol on his dads breath as he sneered into his face." What did I tell you about parking your bike near my side of the driveway young man?" You are the stupidist ......... son of a ........ Ive ever met." Havent I told you a thousand  times not to ......... park there?"Huh?"

Joey knew he better answer and he told his dad he would never do it again. And the next thing Joey knew he was on the floor struggling to get away before he got punched. His dads fist was just about to hit his face when he finally broke free. Joey ran as fast as he could to his bedroom. His dad said "Run you little ........,you better ......... run if you know whats good for you."

Joey shut his door and breathed a sigh of relief that he got away. Joey assumed that his dad had a rougher day at work or the beating would have been alot worse, like in the past on his dads days off. He was worried about his mother though and wished he could go to her and hold her. Joey remembered a time when his dad was a nicer man and there were no beatings for either him or his mom. Those days were gone and Joey knew it.

"Time to eat!" he heard his mother yell from the kitchen. Joey could hear the strain in her voice and knew she had been crying quite hard. He left his room to go sit at the kitchen table. His dad was passed out in the easy chair with a beer can in his hand. Joeys mom served up the fishsticks and macaroni and green beans and Joey appreciated every bite. He smiled at his mother as they ate supper together, he noticed how her lip was split and he saw her bruised cheek and he looked into her teary eyes and just prayed that he and his mom wouldnt have to suffer anylonger.

After supper he went back to his room. Joeys mom did the dishes,by then his older brother was home and sitting down to eat supper. Joeys dad was still passed out and it was actually rather peaceful that way.

The End

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