Death Of A Soul

The story is about two kids who live at home with thier father and his new wife.The boys are abused often by thier father and this is a story portraying the horror and the loss they face each day.

     It was Joeys turn to take the trash out and his Dad would be home soon so he knew he better have it done. Joeys dad was a tyrant he worked in the local oil fields of thier hometown of Kippitski Ontario and he had worked there for 23 yrs. Joey knew that everyone just loved his father all the people in town said he was a standup guy a pillar of the community so to speak.

It was cold outside on that Saturday morning as Joey hauled the trash out to the dumpster 8 paces from thier backdoor. The chill went through Joeys jacket like a knife going through him. Joey winced at the pain of the whistling winds circling him. He had recieved a severe beating two days ago and the pressure of his bruises was weighing on him in the cold.

He threw the trash in the dumpster and the lid crashed down with a loud "bang" that made him shake in a nervous state. Joey had a flashback of the night his father got drunk and kept banging his steel baseball bat against his bedroom door "bang" bang'

Joey walked towards the house and went inside it was warmer in there. His mother had made him a cup of hot chocolate. Joey took it to his room he knew his dad would be home any minute and he wanted to avoid what may be coming.

Once he was in his room he felt somewhat safe. He would imagine that he was protected by a forcefield that could not be penetrated and it had powers to eradicate evil. Joeys brother was at a friends house. his older brother was gone alot as to avoid the quarrels and beatings as much as possible. Casey was lucky Joey thought.

Joeys Mom hollered towards his room"Joey how bout fishsticks for supper tonite?"  Joey yelled back" Sure Mom!" she started cooking immediatly in a hurried fashion so as not to disapoint her husband.He hurt her often too. The last time he did she recalled that she had to miss work for 4 days in order for the bruises to heal.  Thinking of this just made her work faster to put supper on the table by exactly 6:30pm.

The End

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