Chapter 10. EpilogueMature

Chapter 10. Epilogue

It's been about fifteen years since I first found my Death Note, and I still have it to this day. I was able to keep it a secret this entire time...

But my time on this world is limited as I made that eye deal with the Shinigami. I have hidden the notebook and plan on revealing its location to my son when my time comes, and tell him to never tell anybody about it; not his mother, not his sister, not his friends. 

He's six now. I should be gone in roughly a decade, so he will be the age I was when I found it. 


Dear Alex, 

I'm sorry I won't be around for your sixteenth birthday. I really wish I could have attended, but these things happen. But of course I love you, so I still left you something. You can't tell Mum or your sister about it. On the top shelf in the wardrobe there is a safe. The pass code is 1874. Use it responsibly and keep it a secret.

Love, Dad.

The End

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