Chapter 9. AftermathMature

Chapter 9. Aftermath

Alice wondered why I had called her. She invited me over to talk as soon as possible. 

I arrived at her house, and, like usual, sat in her room to talk to her.

“Wow, Lee. You’ve needed to talk to me a lot lately. Who would have guessed that having such an absolute power would be such a drag?”

“You’ve been lying to us.”

“Who is ‘us’?”

“Tyler and me. Your last name is not Wilson.”

She stared at me very seriously. She seemed very angry now. “I see your name. And it doesn’t say Alice Wilson.”

“You cannot be serious, Leon. How far are you going to freaking go with this whole Death Note thing? You have given up half of your remaining life span just to learn my last name.”

“I won’t rest until I’ve won. Now tell me the truth. Start to finish.”

Seeing as how I had the eyes now, lying is pretty redundant. Alice looked at me.

“It was about two days before Kira had come into existence. My father got remarried to somebody else. I hated her. Even he ended up regretting it; so I did him a favour and killed her. But I digress. I had to change my last name as a result, and I didn’t want to talk about all this because it was a huge change in my life.

The thing is, I was suspicious of you the whole time. You acted different the second people started dropping dead. I figured if I kept my name a secret, you couldn’t kill me.”

“What about Tyler?”

“Tyler? Like you can trust him with a secret. He would definitely tell you anything I said. And it’s a good thing I kept it a secret! I would be dead by now if I hadn’t. Don’t lie to me; you tried to kill me, didn’t you?”

I kept silent. “Leon, this Death Note has taken over your mind! You prioritize it over your closest friends.”

“So what? Your solution is to try and get me executed? N told me all about you: how you told him about the Shinigami eyes. And because of that, I was almost as good as dead. So I came here to make everything right.”

“Oh? You’re going to kill me?”

“You’re god damn right I am, bitch.” I pulled out my Death Note and wrote her name in there. “Haha! You’re going to die. Say hello to N on the other side for me.”

“You’re crazy! Tyler will find out about what you have done to me. Mark my words; you’ll end up killing him too! You’ll be all alone! We were the ones who looked out for you back when you were bullied every day. You’re trying to heal this emotional pain by killing those people, and as a result, you ended up losing your mind over the power and you ended up killing your close friend.”

I was too busy laughing over her to care about what she was saying. Alice started to collapse, and with her last, dying breath…

“I hope you die.” And, just like N, she died on the floor in her own home. I collected her Death Note and left.

The next day, Tyler was bawling his eyes out. The news was very rough on him especially. By this point, however, I was too caught up in the whole Kira thing to be sensitive about it all.

“Leon? Why don’t you care about Alice? She died! You don’t seem to care at all!”

“Care? That backstabbing bitch.”

“What did you just say?!”

“She tried to get me killed without it being her fault. She told N all about the Shinigami eyes.”

“You’re Kira. You are Kira. That means you killed Alice.”

“Yes. Yes I am. Okay? I’m Kira. I killed her. And before you get angry, you should know she kept a huge secret: she was the second Kira.” I dropped to the ground in tears.

“Tyler! Tyler! Kill me! Kill me now! I can’t go on like this! The power of the Death Note is too much! KILL ME!”

“What the hell is a Death Note?” I handed him the notebook. He couldn’t believe what he was reading.

“Hey, is it true? Is it true that she almost got you killed?”

“Yeah. But she was doing the right thing.”

“No she wasn’t. You did the right thing. She lost her mind more than you did. I would never have backstabbed you like that. You mean more to me. You’ve been my best friend for years. And I wouldn’t lie like she did either. Don’t worry; we will fix this.”

“Leon Lopez. Come with us.” Said Hughes. He took me back to the original conference room.

“Shinigami eyes; constantly hinted to, by Alice. Obviously the second Kira. She was your best friend. Using the eye power, you killed N by getting her to give you his name. You then killed Alice because you learned about her betrayal. And if this isn’t good enough evidence that you are Kira, about five minutes ago, you were weeping to Tyler about it all.

You’re going to jail, Leon. You’ll immediately join death row for mass murder.”

“No, I won’t be. You see, moments ago, I gave my notebook to Tyler – My Death Note. My murder weapon. It had a slip of paper with both of your full names in it and instructions to write your names inside the notebook. Huh. Look at the time.”

They both died, unbeknownst to Tyler. Although he probably could have pieced it together that he killed them.

“Tyler,” I said to him after leaving the conference room. “You can keep that notebook. It was Alice’s. You can do whatever you’d like with it.”

He immediately replied, “I’m gonna destroy it. You should get rid of yours, too.”

“Later. There is still something I have to do.” And that something was my motive when this all started: clean the world up.

And by the next week, I felt as if the world was pure once more. Nobody did any evil as they knew they would be punished. They think Kira is some kind of immortal god. I guess that means I could pass on without them even knowing.

“Ryuk, you said to me months ago, that users of the Death Note will feel the despair felt only by people who use the notebook. You were right. I didn’t want things to be like this. This power is too much for any human to bear. Any regular human, that is. When this first started I vowed to clean the world. And clean the world I shall. You never know when evil may resurface; and when it does, I will be there. There will be no such thing as evil for as long as I live."

"But was it worth killing your close friend?" Ryuk asked. That question really got to me. Every time I see her name in my notebook I feel like crying. But I had to do it. I had to! 

This is perfect. I have possibly the most powerful device in the world in my hands, and thousands -- nay, millions of followers. 

This world is perfect now. 

The End

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