Chapter 7. EndgameMature

Chapter 7. Endgame

Mr. Stevens had been on the task force for a while. I never mentioned him because he wasn’t worth it. But that was before I knew how important he would be. He is the only one out of the other four whose name I know. Stevens was the one who would file the killings and send them to N via email, along with anything the taskforce gained some insight on.

The clock struck 5:34.23. Right on time.

Stevens grasped his chest and started gasping.

“Oh my god, Stevens, are you alright?!” Shouted Evans.

“Sir, are you okay?” I asked.

“No! We’re not safe! None of us are! We can’t hide out in a school any longer! Kira can find us out! He’s got to me! And it’s all N’s fault!”

Stevens climbed out of the window and leapt down; it looked like he damaged himself. By this point he was still screaming, but he hadn’t collapsed yet… Until he got to the road outside the gates. He collapsed in the middle of the road gasping for breath when he got hit by a speeding truck.

Perfect! The Death Note really is a beautiful item.

“Jerry Stevens – Accidental Death – 30/8/2014 at 5:34.23 pm enters a state of psychosis, convinced he is having a heart attack. Gets angry and blames others for his upcoming death. Out of panic, climbs out the window, leaps down, and ignores any pain inflicted. Runs out onto the nearby road and collapses, then at exactly 5:36, is hit by a speeding vehicle.”

Hughes and Evans were shocked; presumably N was, too. He kept quiet. I acted petrified.

“N.” Hughes said; breaking the silence. “It is not safe for us to meet here anymore.”

“Hughes.” He replied. “Isn’t it obvious that Kira controlled Stevens just now? Even so, it still makes sense what you are saying. Obviously if Kira did make him do that, he still got to him nonetheless.”

“Where else would we meet, though?” I asked.

“My apartment.” N said.

“W-What? N, you can’t be serious! You haven’t revealed your face before.” Evans said.

“It has been pretty selfish of me, however. You are all putting your lives on the line while I cower in darkness. Meet me at my apartment this Friday. Make sure you aren’t followed.”

N disconnected immediately after. Perfect! Everything was going according to plan!

“Alice? Alice, are you home?”

I knocked three more times. “Alice, it’s Leon. Seriously, open up!”

She finally answered. “What are you doing here? It’s ten-to-six?”

“I know. I’m sorry. Is your dad home?”

“No. He left just before. Come in.”

“Alice, listen. My plan worked. N is finally revealing himself to us.”


“And I win.”

“Silly Lee. Always jumping the gun.”

“Okay, stop with the Lee thing. It’s Leon.”

“Even if he shows himself, he won’t give you a real name. If anything he would just give you another alias.”

“Which you know a fair bit about.” I muttered under my breath.


“Nothing. But you see, that’s why I need you there! You have the Shinigami eyes, no? If you can just get a clear look at N’s face, you will see his name.”

“Then I kill him!”

“No! Not straight away. Firstly I need to confirm that it’s the real N. Also, he can’t die as soon as he reveals himself. Then I will be a prime suspect. I just need you to remember his name for now. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. The following night, at exactly 11 pm, send me a text message containing his name, but don’t make it apparent for obvious reasons. Do something like, have every first word in every sentence spell out his name.”

“Leon. You’re using me.” I shot her a confused look. “If you want his name so bad why don’t you make the Shinigami eye deal?”

“This affects more than just me. It affects you, too. The second he finds out about either of us, there’s an almost guarantee the other will be caught, too. He’ll kill us both.”

Alice began trembling. “When we first met two and a half years ago, and when we became close friends, you, Tyler and I made an oath; we pledged to look out for one-another. No matter the repercussion. In this case, we are both looking out for each other. You want the powers of the Death Note as much as I do. You won’t have that power; hell, you won’t even be alive if you let this N bastard win.”

She didn’t reply to that. I began walking towards to the door. “If you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to. But if you don’t and something goes wrong, I’ll make it my dying wish that Tyler know all about this.” I opened the door and put one foot out.

“I’ll do it.”

I looked back at her. “Thank you.”

I needed to make sure my alter-ego, Kira, took no breaks. Especially while I’m with N. I gave some sudden deaths tonight, and wrote all the rest to happen throughout tomorrow and Friday, so I don’t need to use the note for a while. Ironically, on Friday, there wasn’t as much anticipation as I thought there would be.

When we finally arrived at his apartment, we heard a voice calling, “Come in”. Evans opened the door, and right there, sitting on the floor was undoubtedly N. He sat on the floor surrounded by dolls, toys, model trains, cards, chess pieces. The most notable thing, however, was his appearance. He looked like he was no older than fourteen! He was about 17-18, though.

He looked up. “Hughes. Evans. Lopez. Hello. I am N. But do not refer to me as N here. In person, I am Near. Come into the lounge room. I have coffee, tea, chocolate…” Perfect. He was bringing us into the lounge room. My phone sat in my pocket. By one press of a button I would send a text to Alice and alert her to make her move.

We sat down at the coffee table in the lounge room.

“So now you have all seen me. You know I trust you, and I’m sure by now, you trust me.”

“Excuse me, N—I mean, Near. How can we be certain you are the real N?” I asked. “I mean you can understand my scepticism.”

“Provided there are absolutely no hidden microphones of any kind in here, and that you three already know this, our classified information is there’s a possibility of a second Kira. We never told this to anybody else to avoid panic.”

He went on for about another five minutes just trying to prove he was the real deal. “Believe me yet?”  

“Yeah. I do. Sorry for that. We just have to be sure.” I said. I picked up my cup of coffee, sipped it, and purposely spilled a bit. In an attempt to wipe, I secretly hit send on my phone. I watched the door creep open. N turned and looked at the crack in between the door and the wall.

“Faulty locks.” N said. He closed the door and returned. At this point N doesn’t know about Shinigami or their eyes. Not even about the Death Note. Alice wasn’t at the door. She was hiding in a nearby corner. She snuck in after N walked into the lounge room. I guess she mustn’t have closed the door properly. Or maybe N really did have faulty locks.

But turning around was the stupidest mistake of his life. Alice was able to make eye contact with him. I don’t know, though. It seems like that went a bit too smoothly.

Then, at exactly 11 pm I received the text. We were talking prior to that via texting so it wasn’t as obvious. I got the reply I had been waiting for at 11:

“Nah. All of those bands suck. They are nothing compared to my awesome taste in music. Even though you have your opinions, I have mine, too. :3

Really, though, I don’t know what I’m going to do with that assignment that we got. I am usually good at thinking of ideas. Very slowly, that is; but I always did think of something. Every assignment is pure crap anyway. Really, that geography one? Seriously, what the hell?”

It was quite a text, but pay attention to the first letter of every sentence like I told her to do.

Nate Rivers.

My plan worked. Everything is going just like I had planned it.

N, Near, Nate Rivers; regardless of your name…

I win.





The End

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