Chapter 6. ManipulationMature

Chapter 6. Manipulation

By now, the name “Kira” is all over the school. It’s finally come to the point where half support Kira, while the other half wants him dead. 

It was lunch time on Tuesday.

“You know what? I think I may look into this Kira case, myself.” Said Tyler.

“If you oppose Kira, he’ll kill you. Don’t do it.”

“Don’t worry, Matt. You don’t honestly believe that Kira would kill an innocent, do you?” Said Alice in reply to Matt, and giving me a snide look. Probably because I threatened her.

I went back over to Alice’s that night because we urgently needed to talk.

“You know, I can understand why you have so much fun being Kira, Leon! It’s so fun! How can you keep it to yourself?”

“Say that a bit louder. I don’t think the rest of the town heard you.

Listen, Alice, it’s very fortuitous that you found this second notebook. To begin with, I hated the thought of it. But now it fits perfectly into my plan! I am not trying to turn you into a pawn, but we need to be allies. I promise, after this is all done, and N and the task force members are dead, we’re free to use this power freely.” Of course, I had an ulterior motive.

“Eh, fine. What do you need me to do?”

“Well, we can start by letting them know there is a second Kira; if N can piece that together they should feel threatened that we have the power of two on our side. In your notebook—“

“Stop right there, Leon Lopez. Don’t you dare try to manipulate Alice.”

“Please, Rem. All I mean to do is to help Alice. And last I heard, Shinigami weren’t meant to meddle with the human world and what goes on down here. Ryuk has kept quiet and just watched; why don’t you do the same?”

Rem was quiet after that.

“Okay, Alice, just jot this into your notebook. Copy it word for word. I’ll use it to my advantage tomorrow.”

That next day, I did just that.

“N, Sir, there has been another death. It seemed like it occurred last night.” Said Hughes. “A year ten female was found dead from what I suspect to be blood loss. She lay in front of writing on the wall that presumably she wrote after she cut her wrist open.”

Just how I planned it. She wrote it just how I did. “1:34 am, enters the school closest to where she resides and brings a razor with her, enters the main hallway, cuts right arm and uses the blood to write on the wall, “I exist” then dies of a heart attack immediately after writing.”

“And just what did it say on the wall?”

After a about a five or seven second pause, Hughes resumed. “It said, ‘I exist’.”

“Interesting.” Said N. “Could this be a message from the second Kira?”

“But N, Sir,” Evans added, “why would the second Kira say such a thing? And how would Kira 2 even know that we were speculating his or her existence?”

“I choose to look at is as a cry for attention. The second Kira has somehow obtained equal, or maybe slightly less (dare I say, slightly more) power than Kira 1 and is now trying to gain some attention. Or… I mean this could just be the original Kira posing as a second one in some attempt to frighten us.”

“But would that even work?” I asked. “I mean, we’re already risking our lives, and we aren’t dead yet, so what help would a second Kira be?”

“I don’t truly know, Leon. I really don’t know.”

Alice and I had only a couple of minutes before Tyler showed up.

“Alice, you did an excellent job. They are all confused as to whether there is a second Kira or not. You make one hell of an ally.”

“Thanks. I’m glad I could help. Though I do kind of feel guilty for keeping Tyler in the dark about all this.”

“Don’t feel guilty! Nobody else will find out about this.”

“Find out about what?” Tyler said as he approached us. “Hey, Alice, I thought maybe you and I could go see a movie on the weekend. There’s this awesome new movie I think you will love! Don’t worry, I have the expenses covered.”

“Tyler, what are your thoughts about Kira?”

“Kira? I think he needs to be brought to justice. Murder is murder no matter who it is. Especially because the people he is killing aren’t even adults yet. Well, mostly anyway. That’s why I am trying to help out with the task force even though I’m not an official member of it. I envy you, Leon.”

“How long do you think you can keep stringing these people along, Leon? I still think Alice is a potential threat to you. And when Tyler finds out, he won’t be too happy with the two of you.” Said Ryuk when we finally got back home after school.

“Tyler? He’s out of the picture for now. I’m trying to focus on Alice right now.”


“She gave up half her remaining life span already; that means she has the Shinigami eyes. Obviously it’s foolhardy for me to try and find out N’s name and face. So, if I can just work out a way to get N to meet us, and then find a way to sneak Alice into there, she can see N, get his name and kill him. And my alibi to his murder will be Hughes and Evans themselves. After that I would have no use for her.”

“Pardon me for saying, but it seems like you don’t really care about the ones you once considered your closest friends anymore. You’ve already made an attempt at killing one of them, and you don’t seem to think about Tyler much.”

“I know what I’m doing, Ryuk. And right now I need to plan out a way to meet N in person… Actually, I think I’ve got it!”

I opened up my Death Note once more, and began writing the ultimate scheme which would change the pace of this battle indefinitely.

“Humans are so interesting.”







The End

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