Chapter 5. PredicamentMature

Chapter 5. Predicament

*Knock Knock*

“Oh. Hi, Leon! It’s always nice to see you. Alice is in her room.”

“Thank you, Mr. Wilson.”

I knocked on the door and Alice answered.

“Leon. Hey. Come on in. Sit down.”

I sat, and with about ten questions to ask her… “What’s the deal? You haven’t asked me over since you and Tyler got together.”

“I’m sorry, Leon… Or should I say, Kira.”

You know that feeling you get when you are completely and utterly surprised at something? Maybe even shocked because you might get in serious trouble. For me, I get a horrible sensation in my head, as well as my heart speeding up, and sometimes dizziness; and that’s just what I got.

I chuckled. “What are you even—“

“Don’t try to hide it from me, Leon.”

She held up her Death Note. Doubly surprised, I checked to make sure she didn’t find mine. I felt around my body conspicuously in the spot I usually hide my Note, which is usually at the base of my spine, under my pants and jumper. I was reassured when I felt it there.

I’m not sure if that meant things were better or worse. Alice then filled me in on how she found her notebook.

“Why didn’t you tell me? You killed an abundance of people, and you don’t even tell me. We are meant to be close friends. I suppose you told Tyler, though and made him swear not to say a word. Not even to me.”

“He doesn’t know anything. And if you backstab me now, then you’re not much of a best friend, are you? And just how do you think Tyler would feel about you ratting his best friend out?”

Alice had a promising look in her eyes as she held her notebook up, revealing she had already written about half a page worth of names in there.

“I’m not going to tell anybody. Hold out your Death Note.”

I pulled mine out, and both came into physical contact of each other’s.

“There. You can see Rem now, and I can see…”

“Hello, Alice.” Ryuk growled. “I am Ryuk.”

“And I can see Ryuk. Hello, Ryuk.”

By this point I was confused about what Alice truly wanted. Did she really just call me over to tell me this? She couldn’t have just quietly said to me, “I know”, or something?

“How did you… How did you find out?”

“Because I have the eyes.”

“Alice?! You mean the Shinigami eyes? You cut your remaining life span in half?”

“Yup! I had to know who Kira was. I was very shocked when I didn’t see your life span, but I could see Matt and Tyler’s. I don’t even know why you’re freaking out! I thought I told you I idolise Kira. And now I have finally met you.”

“Alice, listen to me: Use that notebook with caution. Do not, I repeat, do NOT do anything that would give the task force hints about a second Kira. I obviously can’t stop you from using your Death Note, but if you do, make it something that the original Kira would do.”

She shook her head. “No, Lee. This is not some game where you use me as a pawn or anything.”

“Alice, if you don’t cooperate—“

“No! I don’t want to hear it. You and I will work together, but I will not be manipulated by you.”

“I’ll head off, then.”

I left without saying another word. Damn her! She is going to get us both killed! Damn! Things were going so perfectly; and now this?

“She’s trouble, Leon.”

“I know, but what can I do? She’s one of my closest friends. Not to mention my best friend, Tyler’s girlfriend.”

I took a long pause.

“No. I told myself and you when I first found the Death Note that I was going to create an ideal world; free of evil. Nothing but purity. I don’t care who it is; whoever is a potential threat to me, I’m a definite threat to their life. I’m sorry, Tyler.”

I grabbed the Death Note and placed it on the table and turned to the most recent page. There, I neatly wrote, “Alice Wilson”.

I turned back to Ryuk. “Hell, if Tyler got in my way, or even my own mother, I wouldn’t be afraid to enter their name in here, either. It’s survival of the fittest; and in this case, I am the fittest.”

I approached Tyler the next morning at school.


He looked up from his phone. “Hey, Leon. How are you doing?”

I guess he hasn’t heard the news yet. I was wondering about how I should react. Should I act as if I didn’t know, or tell him now?

Right then I heard, “Hey, guys,” in a very recognizable voice. I swung around, and there stood Alice. I tried not to react as she might think that I actually did attempt to kill her. But why the hell isn’t she dead?

I sit in English class by myself; I don’t really have anybody that I talk to there, so I sit up the back by myself. I mulled over why the Death Note might have failed. Could it be possible that it really doesn’t work? That all these were just coincidences?

No. How could I even consider that? I know for a fact these killings were my doing; the details are too precise to those in the notebook. Then I remembered rule one: “The human whose name is written in this notebook shall die”.

That’s when it hit me; it was a long shot, but she must have used a fake name! And that’s when I did some more thinking into the matter, and I realised, the only time I had heard Alice’s last name, apparently “Wilson,” was when we asked her about it. I haven’t seen her last name anywhere else. I’ve never even seen it in written form save for my notebook entry.

“Hey, Tyler?”

“Yeah? What’s up?”

“Alice. Her last name. What is it?”

“Come on, dude. Your corny jokes are getting a bit too corny. You’ve known her for a while; you know as well as I do.”

“Just answer me.”


“And have you ever seen the name, “Alice Wilson” anywhere? Facebook? The phone book? The school’s roll?”

“What, you think she lied to us?”

“No, no. Of course not. It’s just been on my mind.”

The following week we had another conference scheduled. I was hoping nobody picked up on the new pattern; as well as worldwide deaths almost doubling. N addressed us.

“Looking through the many files, given the knowledge that the deaths have altered in terms of how they die, and time, I have concluded that maybe I was right about option 2.”

“You mean there being a second Kira?” Questioned Mr. Evans.

“I am afraid so. Obviously Kira 1 only has time to ‘plan’ or commit murders after school. He’s too afraid to do it at school in case he gets caught.”

“But how do you know Kira actually needs to do anything? Who are we to insinuate he needs to physically do something?” I asked.

“Truthfully, Leon, I don’t. But believing that a physical action is involved is much more conceivable than somebody just thinking about an event and it just happens. This second Kira is much bolder. More to the point, it seems that the first Kira predominantly targeted students, while second Kira targets criminals around the world. So, second Kira isn’t afraid to commit murders in public, while Kira 1 is, and Kira 2 targets criminals while Kira 1 has a self-righteous point of view.”

Self-righteous? Who does he think he is? I am not the only person who believes these people need to be punished! There’s a reason about just under half of the school’s population worship me. They know these people are being wiped out fairly. They know I am passing righteous judgement on them.

I have been thinking about my plan to kill Alice. Maybe I don’t need to. I can try to find out her real name, but only for the sole purpose that I may need to wipe her out one day. If she gets caught, who’s to say she won’t turn me in?

I’ll keep her alive for now. I need to compromise with her tomorrow. Right now, her last name isn’t important.

Oh, the power of manipulation. How I love you. 

The End

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