Chapter 4. AllyMature

Chapter 4. Ally

For this chapter, the story will be told from two perspectives: Leon's and Alice's

After five weeks since Kira’s, or my appearance, the task force set to investigate the case has been established. And I am a part of it.

“And you’re actually going to a conference about yourself?”

“That’s right, Ryuk. I need to know what this N guy and the rest of them know. It will help me with my plans.”

Later that night I went to the conference about the Kira case. It was 6:30 and I haven’t even looked at my Death Note tonight. Instead, I wrote that three people will die during the meeting.

“After the cause of death is written, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds”. I manipulated this rule. If I write that somebody has an accidental death at 6:15, as soon as it is that time, they will die by any means of an accident. If they were on the street they would get hit by a car. Or at a construction zone, something dropped on them. This will help to deter suspicion.

“Hello, Brody. We are so glad you could join us.” Said Mr. Evans. “And from here on, no full names will be given, as per N’s request.”

“That’s hardly fair. You guys know my name!”

A voice altered using computer software was heard. “Yes, but if any of them were Kira they would get caught instantly,” N interrupted. “You see, if you were to die, we would insinuate that a task force member is Kira. Can they really afford to make that mistake?”
Oh no. How didn’t I think this through? Not only are they not giving out their actual names, but if they start dying they will know I’m Kira.

“Sir!” A teacher barged in. “I just got reports that another student dropped dead of a heart attack five minutes ago!”

Excellent. Everything is going according to plan.

“The victim was 15-year-old Jeff Harper, ninth grade.”

“So, Kira struck again. I guess that means none of us are Kira.” Said Mr. Johnson”, the teacher who just barged in who is also a member of the force.

Hughes and Evans sighed out of relief.

“Let’s not get carried away”, N added. “You are missing the point. I’m not saying one of you is Kira; however, this means one of three things:

Either, none of us are Kira and somebody else is killing these people, Kira has the power to manipulate time to schedule murders, or there are two Kiras. Perhaps two with the same power, or power lent to another temporarily.”

Second Kira? There’s no way. I mean, I know my Death Note isn’t the only one in existence, but if another was dropped into the world what is the chance of a local finding it? I know this isn’t true, because I did, in fact, write Jeff’s name in my book.

“I am going to theorise and say it’s either option 2 or 3.”

“So you mean to say that Kira actually is among us?” I questioned.

“Not necessarily. I never said that. I don’t believe any of you are Kira. But what has happened has opened my eyes to these possibilities. If Kira is a person, student or staff, at this school, then it would convince me that it’s option 2 or 3, as we have had students die in the middle of school, and yet no counts of suspicious activity from students.”

90 minutes later I arrived home.

“Damn this N guy! He knows I have manipulation on my side.”

“Hehe. What are you gonna do now, Leon? How about you play me in ‘Wii Sports,’ I’m bored.”

“Okay, fine. But give me a minute; I need to write some deaths to take place over the course of tomorrow. After all, N is just theorising; plus if they just stop dying during school then he will know that Kira was either at the meeting, or one of us is snitching to Kira.”

“Okay, fine. You do that. What sport are we gonna play, huh?”


“Ah. There we go. I have done my weekly thirty minute run. Time to head home,” I thought to myself. Something up in the sky caught my eye; something was falling. It looked as if it was about to land on the soccer grounds nearby. I rushed over to it.

“What’s this?” I thought when I saw it hit the ground. Picking it up, I found it was just a regular, stupid book with ‘Death Note’ written on the cover.

Death Note? The hell? I thought I would take it home to examine it. And when I did, I think I may have just uncovered the greatest secret ever!

“‘The human whose name is written in this note shall die,’ huh? And now a Shinigami by the name of Rem is in my room. So that must mean that this is how Kira kills people! He must have one of these fancy Death Books.”

“I’m not supposed to give help to humans as a Shinigami, but it’s not like they will ever find out. Yes. That is indeed how your “Kira” makes his murders without being caught,” Said Rem.

At that point my mother came in and started yelling at me about how useless I am, and slapped me across the face. I was surprised that she couldn’t see Rem. But more to the point this was my ultimate chance to see if the Death Note was for real. Abiding by the rules, I wrote my stupid mother’s name in there, waited forty seconds and sure enough, she had a heart attack. Good. I still have Dad, at least.

“Alice,” Rem said, “There is a deal I must inform you of as an obligation to every human who acquires a Death Note. And you, Alice Wilson are one of those humans. You see, with the Shinigami eyes we can see the full names and life spans of everybody we lay eyes on. If you halve your remaining life span, you can have these eyes. They work exactly the same for you. And as far as finding Kira goes, you cannot see the life span of anybody in possession of a Death Note.”

I could have that just by cutting my remaining life span in half.

“Do it! Cut my life in half!”

“Alice, are you sure?”

“Yes! I need to find Kira.”

I still don’t know why Rem pronounced my name strangely.


The next day at school was awesome! I could see everybody’s name, and when they were supposed to die. Of course now I am going to die in like, thirty years or something. But I don’t even care. Passing down the hallways it was rather depressing knowing when everybody was going to die. That’s when I saw Tyler, Matt and Leon. I wasn’t sure I wanted to know when my closest friends die, but I don’t think I can turn these eyes off. Tyler dies at 85, Matt at 79 and Leon at… What? I can’t see his life span!

I don’t believe it. Leon is Kira? It- it can’t be! It just can’t be!



Alice is looking at me funny. Jeez. Can’t a guy be early to class without being leered at? Whatever. I’ll ask her about it at lunch time I guess.

“Hey, Alice, you seemed a bit troubled earlier on, before first period. Are you alright?”

“Oh. Yeah. Fine. Hey, don’t tell anybody, but do you think you could come over my house after school?”

“Uh, sure. I’ll be there by four. But why do you—“

She walked off before I could ask why she wanted me over. Surely enough I was worried about what it was all day.

She acted strange the rest of the day.






The End

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