Chapter 2. PreparationsMature

Chapter 2. Preparations

It was still too early to know for sure if the Death Note was for real. I mean that guy was an idiot after all; it’s just in his nature that he would stand on the road in front of a speeding car.

The only part that gave me the strength and belief that it does actually work is how he died at the exact time specified. That’s why, that night, on the news I heard of a man who had just robbed a local store. They gave his full name and face to warn you to look out for him; but nobody would have to. I mean, could you imagine my ideal world coming to be a reality using only one notebook? I wrote his name in there. Just his name. Sure enough, they had reported that he collapsed from a random heart attack exactly forty seconds after I wrote his name, just like the rules imply.

I arrived at school the next day, and as to be expected people were mourning over the late student. But like I cared. Those mourning were all of his stupid, brain-dead friends who didn’t deserve a spot on this planet, either.

“Leon! What was up with yesterday? You seemed unwell.”

“I was fine. I was just… I had a lot on my mind.”

“Hey, did you hear about what happened yesterday? I know that guy was an idiot, but I didn’t think he would be that stupid.”

I froze for a second. Even my best friend; the one person who knew I hated that guy the most didn’t think I had anything to do with it. Well I’m not some puppeteer that could have made him do that… Or so they think.

That afternoon I had entered five other names: five tests to make sure the notebook caused everything that I wrote in it to happen. Needless to say, they all worked. They weren’t people I particularly knew, though. Mainly Australian criminals

“Jumps in front of train”

“Hangs himself from the shower curtain”

“Stabbed by mysterious mugger”

They all worked. Whatever I wrote, they worked.

I scrolled through Facebook. Imagine a world without all of these people. All of these people who give the nerds a hard time, or who harass smaller people for money that they use to buy a pack of cigarettes with. A world without cannabis abusers, or murderers, or anything of the sort. I was so caught up with all my laughter; I almost missed the phantom entity now in my room.

“So you’ve finally decided to show up… Shinigami.”

It had a surprised look on its face. I turned around on my computer chair.

“I’ve been reading extensively about the belief of Shinigami, or God’s of Death, originating from Japan. The fact that the writing of the rules looked like they had been translated leads me to believe that this truly isn’t a notebook from this world. Is it? The truth is, I’ve been longing for your arrival.”

The Shinigami had a satisfied look on its face.

“Good. Then that takes out about half of what I was about to explain to you. You’re a smart kid, Leon. Don’t look so surprised, boy. I’m a God of Death; I know everything about this world, despite this only being the second time I have actually entered this realm this century. You’re not the first to be in possession of that particular notebook.”

I gazed up at the Shinigami. I suppose I couldn’t be too surprised. Surely I’m not the only human who has seen this. But why was this notebook empty? If I’m not the first one to hold this book, why does it have no other names in it?

“The truth is,” the Shinigami continued, “the last time I was here was about nine and a half years ago. A young man in Japan, not much older than you found my notebook. That was a lot of fun to watch.”

Curiosity overgrew me. So many questions to ask. There are so many important ones, but for some strange reason I asked the stupidest one.

“What happened to him?”



“He’s dead.” He replied. “And that’s why I am having a talk to you. You are free to use that notebook as you wish. However, do bear in mind that completely untraceable murder like that is not without its consequences. A human who has used the notebook at least once can neither go to Heaven nor Hell for all of eternity. Furthermore, users of the Death Note will feel levels of despair known only to the users.”

“Is that it?” I added, with a smirk.

“No. One more thing. When it’s your time to leave this world, it will call upon me to write your name into my Death Note. In short, I WILL be the one to kill you, Leon.”

I honestly thought that would be worse. Given the circumstances, I thought he would tear my soul from my body or some hocus-pocus nonsense you would find in urban legends.

“I am Ryuk. I’m going to be following you around until the moment you die. Don’t worry; only people who have come into contact with your notebook can see, hear or feel me.”

School was honestly a bit strange the next day, as I was constantly worried that people might be able to see Ryuk; or maybe accidentally come into contact with the Death Note. It only got weirder at lunch time when I had to pretend he wasn’t there to my closest friends.

“Leon, Matt, have you guys seen Tyler anywhere?”

This girl is Alice. She's a close friend of ours. She is also Tyler's girlfriend. He is crazy about her.

“Nah, sorry. Haven’t seen him. He probably has detention, again.”

It was the following night that I started my ultimate plot. But I thought I would have to take caution; if I kill too many people at once it will raise suspicion.

“C’mon. You’ve been staring at that book for like, thirty minutes, Leon! Go get me another apple.”

“I’m trying to devise a way to initiate my plan without anybody getting suspicious. What would they think if a bunch of people from a local town in Australia just all drop dead from a heart attack, only seconds after each other? If you want another apple, get it yourself.”

I wrote only two names in my notebook that night: two students from the school, which I hated. I had the first one, Mitchell; dies at 7:30 that night from a heart attack. He wasn’t exactly a very fit kid, so it was conceivable. The second one I had commit suicide by means of hanging. If I slowly make my move and conquer by killing two people over the span of different weeks I shouldn’t get caught. Maybe one month I’ll kill two people in one week, two weeks later, kill one then another in the next month. I’ll mix it up.

Hopefully then, people will begin seeing that karma has finally made a move and has started eliminating people like them. Hopefully it will make them consider better life decisions, because I show no mercy towards anybody.

It was the night following that when I realised that you can’t ever have absolute control over everybody. People will form cults, invent theories, and even start religions about everything. Obviously my capital punishment wasn’t just limited to the people I knew; the criminals and terrorists of the world had to be punished, too; causing a worldwide disturbance.

“Hey, Ryuk, look at this. People are already acknowledging my existence. People are already starting to believe that I exist.”

“But didn’t you want to remain anonymous?”

“At first I did, but the cops will never buy into this crap. Even if they do there is no way to track how they were killed, why it happened, or who may have caused it. But nobody insinuates that another caused a heart attack on them. It just doesn’t make any sense; it isn’t possible. Also, it looks like they have begun to recognize me as ‘Kira’. It sounds like it’s the word ‘killer’, but translated into Japanese then back to English or something. I like the sound of it.”

This obviously wouldn’t go unrecognized by the school. And my point was proven just the next day. People around the school had already begun forming opinions about me. About 30% of people believed in my existence to begin with. Out of that, about 23.5% actually believed what I was doing to be righteous. But give it time. It wasn’t too long until this spilled over to my group.

“This is completely stupid! As if you would believe that somebody is somehow manipulating these people. It doesn’t make any sense!” exclaimed Matt.

Tyler replies, “So what, you think that all these people just decide to get killed or to kill themselves? Or even to have heart attacks randomly? I believe that there is a Kira. I don’t agree with what he is doing, though. It’s evil.”

My best friend called me evil. It was around that point that I realised that I truly am alone. Should I tell Tyler about it? He is my best friend, and I could trust him with my life. I have always felt like I’d tell him eventually’ although I’m not sure it’s a great idea.

Alice added, “Are you kidding? Kira is cleaning the world up! He is the greatest thing to happen to this world. Oh! If only I knew who it was.”

Maybe Alice would be the one that I revealed myself to. I think for now I will keep it a secret from everyone.

At first, I thought publicity would be great for my reputation. But then I realised, it won’t be too long until the people, especially the principle realise Kira is at the school. The principle is a former detective. Not only that, but they have science teachers, too. That covers forensics. But As long as I keep my head down, there is no way they could possibly even know my method of murder.

Alice turned to me. “What’s your take on this, Leon?”

“Honestly, I think these people are quite ignorant. They have no idea what they are talking about – some god-like person who can puppeteer all these people? Maybe it is true. I don’t pass things like this off as nonsense the second I hear about it, but they are looking too far into it. I don’t have a take on it. I need to hear more about it until I can take a side.”

But like I said, a lot more thought goes on beneath what people actually say. I have a complex plan which will ultimately turn this world around. Tyler, Alice and Matt all think I’m just a regular tenth-grader; when in actuality…

I am God.


The End

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