Death Note Fan Fiction (Anime)Mature

This is a fan fiction of the anime, "Death Note." It is about a character named Blair, who, at the beginning, shares similar thoughts with the real me, but once he gets the power to kill, the way he views things becomes more self-righteous and shows lack of justice.



Society is truly disgusting. Even a 16-year-old male high-schooler can see that. Everywhere you go, every person you talk to, in every corner of this world, there are degenerates that do drugs, insult, rip-off, and make a mockery of innocent people, even hurt and steal from them. But I think the most disgusting is the amount of degenerates at this school. My name is Blair, and I don’t have that many friends, but every single day was the same: I’d wake up, have a coffee, get dressed, go to school, think about how much better the world would be without the majority of students, complain about them to my friends, then go home and go to sleep and prepare to do it all again. My life was basically simple and boring until the one day, on my way to school I found a leathery book just lying around on the side of the road. I picked it up and flipped it over. It had a title, mysteriously enough. It had two words: “Death Note”. I opened it up, and on the back of the cover were five rules:

  1. The human whose name is written in this note shall die.
  2. This note will not take effect unless the writer has the victim’s face in mind when writing his/her name. That way, people sharing the same name won’t be harmed.
  3. If you write the cause of death within 40 seconds of writing the victim’s name, it will happen
  4. After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds
  5. If a cause of death is not specified, the human will simply die of a heart attack.

I thought this was pretty bizarre and a well thought-out prank. But something of curiosity got the better of me, so I slipped it into my bag, and when I finally got home, I examined it.




Probably the most notable feature was how different the paper felt as opposed to regular paper. It just felt smoother. There was this one kid I hated more than anybody else; he always gave me a hard time. His name was Morgan. This was when I decided to open up Facebook. If I was going to test this notebook out, I’d need to make sure it actually worked. I mean, imagine if it did!

I turned to the first page in the notebook, and carefully wrote, while imagining his face,

“Morgan Bowie – Cuts left wrist, takes a photo of it, then posts it to Facebook at 4:30 PM on 26th/5/2014, then has a heart attack.

I refreshed Facebook constantly. When it clocked over to his set time, I refreshed it three times; no photo. I went to close the window, when the page updated once more. I saw Morgan’s newly cut wrist. Many different emotions rushed through my body; Shock, surprise, happiness, optimism. After about half an hour, all of Morgan’s friends were posting things saying about how they will miss him… Morgan was dead.


There is absolutely no way this wasn’t a coincidence. I had to see it happen again for myself! The following day at school, I caught attention of a bully named Blain. I carefully wrote his name in the Death Note, and counted to 40. Since I hadn’t written anything else, he is meant to have a heart attack forty seconds after writing his full name. Exactly at 40 seconds, he grabbed his chest and starting making groaning noises. I watched him hopelessly battle for his life before he lost consciousness. I smiled weakly, and chuckled which turned into maniacal laughter. When I got home, I used the whole afternoon to write down every single person that I thought needed to die: every bully, every drug dealer and addict, every criminal. They all had to die!





The school seemed quite empty the next day. The school that was once filled with corrupt students was now partially filled with smart, nice people who never caused chaos. They weren’t stupid; they knew somebody was killing them. But all who opposed me ended up dead. Every single one of them was killed by me. Now that I’ve made the world a bit of a better place, I had to fight for my life.


My job wasn’t done yet. I even had to kill my closest friend just to avoid being identified. About halfway through the day, a God of Death approached me. I wasn’t very shocked. I was actually waiting for him. He explained everything; how he used to own the Death Note, and how he will kill me when it’s my time to die and all that. But I couldn’t care if my life was taken off me right now! I’ve done my part! I fixed this world. If somebody even gave me as much as a dirty look, I killed them. To the point where there was only roughly fifty people in the school. This notebook… It was, too powerful. I’ve only just come into realisation of this now.


It’s just too much! My best friend is gone. I had to kill him. It had only been two weeks since I picked up this book. And this very notebook I shall use to write one last thing in it… Not a person’s name, not a cause of death, not details of a death…


But my suicide note.


And under it, my name.



Blair Evans. 

The End

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