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Mirania stared a the black notepad in his hands for ten seconds exactly, before peering into it.

'This is so twisted. . .' He grunted, throwing in the bin, and walking off.


'Ouch!' Mirania shouted, as something big and black hit him on the head, he looked around for the stone which must have been thrown at him, 'what the. . .? What the hell?'

He looked on the floor in front of him to see a black notebook lying in front of his feet. He sighed, who had thrown this stupid book at him? Mirania turned around, grumbling to himself, to see only a old lady walking her dog. He frowned.

He noticed that the words inscribed on the front were 'Death Note', but in japanese, then german. . .then. . .french . .. before it flickered into English, like it couldn't decide which language to be written in. 

But the inside was in Japanese. . . Mirania thought, opening the book again, it did the same as the cover; flashing from language to language, when finally, it stopped at English.

He rubbed his eyes, wondering if he was having a psychological issue or maybe this book was a piece of advanced technology? 

Or just a prank, he looked back at the note book and turned it from side to side, expecting it to be an optical illusion. But, no, it stayed English.

'Must've been my eyes.' He mumbled, shaking his head.

Mirania sighed and tossed it back into the bin, he walked home with no problems, nor any flying books.


He locked the bathroom door and twisted the shower nozzle, boiling hot water poured out. Just the way it usually did.

He undressed and stepped into the shower, swiping his blonde hair back from his face, squeezing his eyes tight shut, spitting water out of his mouth as it trickled down his face.


'OUCH!' He yelled, slipping over and tripping on the edge of the shower, falling on the floor flat on his face.

'There, now I've got you're attention. Why didn't you just take the book instead of throwing it away?' A voice said in Japanese, it sounded irritated, with a hint of sarcasm.

'What the.  .. GYAHHH!' Mirania roared as he looked up. . . 



The End

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