Death Note: Another Page.Mature

When Mirania Moroyama, a English exchange student, get's his hands on a Death Note, a interesting sequence of events takes place.

Mirania walked down the lane, concious of the fact he looked very different from all of the people around him, blonde hair, blue eyes. That's what he got for being half English.  

He'd only got into Japan a couple of weeks ago and had already been thrown into a middle school where all the pupils spoke too fast for him to translate. So he stayed away from the rest, only mingling with other students when he was bored or interested in their convorsation.

Mirania was known as "the silent genius", not uttering a word in class, but still able to get a high passing grade in all his tests, he was also the very best in the whole school at English(not very surprising from his origins), not only was he confessed to at least once every two months, but asked out on dates by people in the streets!

But Mirania knew this was only because he was a foreigner. And because people realised that his blonde hair was natural!

So one day, when he was just walking along the path in the park, he totally did not expect a black notebook to fall(literally) right into his hands. . .

The End

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