Death Note

A young girl who has left a mental institute that runs inhuman tests on the patients in the C-ward, thinks her worries and suffering have finally ended. They were, until she went to high school for the first time and everyone calls her weird she doesn't care and because of that recruits four new friends to her one man army, she is alright for awhile until she is given a mysterious book and diary leaf by a young girl while she is visiting her aunt, I guess you're thinking what's weird about that

Prologue: Death Note

Dear Diary, June 10, 1986

Life, what is life but a thin piece of our existence that ridicules us at birth, shames us as we grow older, encases us in misery as we fall prey to it’s many challenges, and defies all laws of nature. The only way to free our selves from it’s grasp is ........ D E A T H. Only death can free us from it’s tangled web of lies and torment. That’s why I say the dead and those waiting to die should rejoice for they have conquered life and have freed themselves from it’s bondage.

There are those who have endured both life and death and say  life is the key to understanding why we exist and if there really is a purpose behind our retched existence, and there are those who defy death and it’s help. They call themselves survivors. They along with their death defying tricks are sickening they do not deserve to die, they do not deserve the peace and tranquility that comes with it. It pained my heart when i saw one of the ‘survivors’ getting ready to enter through the gate that led to joy and true enlightenment, the others were crying, screaming out words of comfort “Don’t worry, you’ll be alright” “We’re going to get through this “ “It’ll all be over soon” they said, all lies only death brings the truth, a baby is better living it’s life far away from, but wait no poison, ‘life’ and ‘living’ two of my most despised words they do not exist in my vocabulary. The day i found  ‘The Death Note’ was the day my life changed.

From the diary of Sam Cowry

June 9, 1969- June 10, 1986

The End

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