meet your twin

she looks at the walls she cant believe she has a picture of alex and it looks like her and a picture of her and it looks like alex i look around there is a picture of her mum and dad she sees a bit of paper and she knows she should not read it but you know how people are so she reads it and this is what it said

                                                                                                     dear sally

                                                                                                                            i hope you get this i was aloud to write you a letter and say last words to you on msn this man has kidnapped me and took me to death mountain he is really happy he has caught me there must be something up with me beacuse i am a girl a young girl but i dont know i havent seen his face and i am sorry about how little detail i have put into this remember death mountain at the top i will be there please save me i am counting on you and your cat can you bring my dog with you please i would be so thankful thanks again see you there at the top of death mountain on the death island you know the hidden island see you soon bye for now but not for life.

                                       love alex

so i remembered there was a plane that left for the hidden island at four oclock but it was only three so i had one hour to get ready pack all my hiking gear get her dog ready with all his food and water and his bowls but by four we were ready so we ran so we would get there in time we ran and ran and we got there and we got to the hidden island safe and sound

The End

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