Death Mountain

this story is about two twins who dont know each other properly but they chat on msn but this story has NO PUNCTUATION AT ALL so good luck reading it

sally was an eleven year old girl who has a twin but she did not know that she has this person on msn that wanted do be her friend she is called alex they both have brown hair blue eyes that look like the bright blue sky they talk to each other all the time not knowing they are twins they where talking about how much makeup they have they only talk about this because they are eleven you know what eleven year olds are like if not they like to talk about how much make up they have but anyway they are on there laptop every day every hour of the day every minute of the day every second of the day they are mad about each other but one time alex was not on but the night before she said she was going to see someone on some sort of mountain i did not read wat else she said and then she said bye for life i was a bit confused then i remembered the only mountain here is bunny mountain but that cant be right she said something bye for life what is the name of that mountain in the hidden island thats it death mountain she must be going there i must stop her i must meet her i must save her i have always wanted to meet her she seems so sweet but going to death mountain cant be suicide it has do be kidnapped but why would anyone let her say last words to me she told me her address once but i dont know if i still have the bit of paper i must look around the house ok i found it i am so gald i did wow she must be rich because of course we live by ourselves so she must be rich and not her mum or her dad i went in she has left the door open strange but i will leave it how it was there is a picture of her no not her me no but it says her name it says alex but she looks the same as me and that is when i realised i had a twin

The End

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