Death Makes for A Rather Melancholy Good-Bye

This is the beginning to a hopefuly good series. This is more of the look-back on something that happened to the main character. I purposely made it so that it was condusing - wondering who this person was and what happened. And hopefully you'll read the next one....and if it doesn't go over well? Then it made for a nice read. =] -enjoy


      Snow is so very fagile...breakable - much like a human. Much like myself.

     Snow always made me feel at peace, with myself and the world. It was snowing then, on that day. I remembered waking up and seeing the snow out of my makeshift window - beautiful, even in the worst of times. I lied there for hours watching the snow fall.

     That's what always fascinated me about the snow. No matter what was going on in the world, the snow fell. It always gave any moment a different feel. It could be a romanic addition to a couple's first kiss, or it could become a curtin to shield the sobbing woman from her husband who has just walked out on her, and is certainly not coming back...

     But that wasn't the case on that horrible day. On that day, the snow just made things worse. Any other day the snow had a way of calming me...but that day it just made me angry. On that day, the snow added to the emotion, the hadred, and dispair. On that day it blew around, mocking me, smacking me in the face like some kind of sadistic mad man.

      The siren scared me the most. I had been going around telling everyone how ready I was for it, if it ever happened. My parents were the most scared, for me mostly...and even my continued insists that nothing would happen didn't calm their nerves - not even the snow helped.

      The worst of it was that I never thought of life without my surive without them seemed virtually impossible.

       It happened right infront of me too, them dieing. And let me tell you, watching your parents die right there....

       My dad went first, I didn't see his face becuase his back was to me - he had just pushed me into the chamber and turned as it happened. Though, for that pass week his expression was the same - blank. It was my mother's that had struck me the hardest. Her face changed the went from longing for a better time, to the saddness of leaving me, and then - when my father was swallowed up by the flames- a petrified look of despiration...she sank to the ground, tears falling much too fast from her eyes -

And just like that, they were gone. And I was all alone.

No where was safe on that day, and my parents knew that, and yet; I survived...I lived.


It isn't fair...I should be dead.

The End

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