I heard the car unlock whist I hurried down the path and waited for the car light to turn on before I attempted to open the door. I looked at my house for, I was sure, the last time. Well I would come back but not for a day or two. It was more likely I would have a dream at the party and get rushed to hospital with blood gushing out of wounds that seemed to appear out of no where. It's happened before. People over react loads. But I had a secret. Something that no one knew. I could never die. I mean yeah if you chop my head off I’ll die but that’s it. No amount of bullets could kill me. Once I turned 21 I seemed to have stopped growing. Being only 23 I couldn't be sure.

The car lights turned on a opened the door and slide into Moll’s Turbo Porsche. I waited for Moll to turn on the radio before I continued to go through my thoughts.

It took her a few minutes to realise the radio wasn't on before I could think. When I did I got back to the subject of my dying, if I ever did. I had tested my theory when i was younger. I slit my wrists and waited to die. That's what this did to you, it made you go made. After half an hour someone arrived saw all the blood and took me to the hospital. I had no more blood, the doctors said it was a miracle I was alive. I left 3 weeks later thinking about what they said.

I looked out the window, staring at the huge buildings of London. My eyes didn't need light I could see everything as if it was bright sunshine. I looked down the street. Bright light of restaurants and shops shone all the way down.

I looked out of the car through the window on the left. I peered further into the ally ways. The car stopped and i was looking at a man and woman.

The woman was leaning heavly onto the man. The kiss they shared so powerful I felt it in MY toes! I watched amazed. The kiss was picking up speed.

No matter how much i wanted to look away i couldn't. My gaze stayed on the couple as buttons bounced onto the floor. Any one could have told me what would happen next, but i still couldn't move.

A honking of a car made me turn my gaze. I looked round in time to see a car coming towards us at least 60 mph. my heart froze. Shit. This was going to be painful.

Everything seemed to slow down. It came towards us such speed that even while i went through the windscreen i could still see the driver trying to push down on the brakes.

I landed on the stone hard road, looking to the sky. Everything seemed to be mute. Then the explosion of a car made me jump. Something came flying towards me on the road. A piece of hot bent metal went through my lower abdomen. Suddenly the name came to me. Venkatric. It's what people like me are called.

Pain shot through me and the blackness covered my vision.

The End

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