Death KissedMature

Never being normal is hard, trying to fit in all your life, but with dreams that happen to you... it's just insane. Megan tries to live a normal life but that would never happen. Can anyone help her?

"Come on Megan, what's taking you so long?", I grabbed my bag, stuffing in my purse, phone and make-up bag and legged it down the stairs. I slide my hand down the banister and jumped the last step.

I looked up to see Molly waiting for me. She was NORMAL, wearing a bright pink top with skinny jeans only made her more normal. Her hair had been cut to a bob and straightened. I looked into her golden eyes and made a mental note to find out where she got her contacts.

As soon as I made that note I had to cross it off. I can't wear contacts. They only last a maximum of 2 hours before they dissolve. I only know that it's not NORMAL.

Me, I’m Blond with long straight hair. My eyes are grey but they change colour. They’re sometimes blue or brown! My skin was pale and always cold. No amount of heat could change it.

The only crazy thing about me is that when I dream it happens to me. It's not that I see what will happen it's if I get hurt or on then when I wake up what ever happened it there. It gets really dangerous at times.

The impatient look Molly had pasted on her face drew me out of my daydream, it's only the dream when i sleep that i have to worry about, and replied

"Ready" I said breathlessly. I closed the door behind me and quickly ran over to the cupboard picking up my medical kit. That kit was my life when it came to parties. It held everything a Paramedics bag would hold.

I turned round in time to see Molly stop slouching and walk to the door. I hurried to catch up with her. Picking my way round the mess on the floor I reached the door before it slammed shut and locked it.

The End

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