Death Is The Only Thing More Frightening Than Life Itself

There is an image, so vivid. It’s burned into the back of my mind. When I close my eyes, this picture is all that I find.

* * *

A girl. She stands, oblivious. She’s positioned so precariously, ten toes poised carefully over the cliff edge.

With her arms outstretched to the entire world, she closes brilliant blue eyes and falls into the warm wind. Swirling around her broken body it wraps it’s arms around and around, comforting her with it’s empty embrace. Red hair ripples out behind her like the waves that crash on the rocks below. It frames her face like the mane of an almighty lion, laying on it’s death bed. She breaths in magic, tastes the freedom and opportunity. Never quite realising the reality of the danger she flirts so freely with. It could overcome her so suddenly, but she remains blissfully unaware.

And walkers and sightseers, they pass right by. They never seem to see this solemn girl who is unwillingly facing her future; her destiny. A few, they creep closer, but she knows all too well; they will never cross the boundaries she set up to protect herself, not even to save her. It’s an invisible line they daren’t cross. They’re all so afraid that one wrong move, or even a right one, could nudge her over the edge and she’d be gone forever.

Down, deep into the depths. Her fragile bones shattered on heartless rocks. Powdered on the bottom of the dark sea bed. Lost and forgotten amongst the vast sands. Alone, confused, forced to haunt the surf and sing the sonance of the sea.

Some turn away, like they just don’t care. But, in reality, they just can’t bear to powerlessly stand and stare as a girl with so much potential, so much to live for, wishes away her life with every switch set to ‘self - destruct’. It’s easier to ignore.

It’s a story, it’s a tragedy, that probably has no end. But she’ll part her lips for one last time and scream the pain that burns her lungs with one electric cry. And she’ll whisper, “I‘m not as strong as you think I am, my barriers can break down. You may not want to push me over but you’ll never pull me back.” And she’ll smile.

The End

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