Death In The Cornfield

A dead body is discovered by a farmer in his cornfield located outside a small town in a rural area. Since his field becomes a crime scene, he is concerned he won't be able to get his corn to market. He believes the police are proceeding too slowly, and he asks a friend to investigate the murder. His friend discovers some evidence, and the hunt is on.

The Discovery

His clothes were shabby, cheap, disheveled and dirty.  He was missing one shoe.  But these were minor inconveniences; his biggest problem was that he was dead.


The farmer often walked his corn field early in the morning, especially in mid July.  The sweet corn was almost ripe.  His corn stand out on Highway 30 was cleaned, painted and ready for corn.  The local grocery stores that sold his corn had been calling to ask when his wares would be ready.  It looked like a good year and he wanted to ensure that his corn went to market as soon as it was ready.

He was about to be bitterly disappointed.

As he walked along the neat, orderly rows of corn that were planted in an east-west orientation to take advantage of maximum sunshine, he noticed a foot sticking out between two corn stalks, one row to the north.  The foot did not possess a shoe.

He figured that someone had fallen asleep in his field, and he hurried over to put the run on him.  He quickly discovered that this was one man who would never run again.

He quickly pulled his cell phone from the pocket of his overalls, and dialed 911.








The End

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