Chapter One-Mature

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In some ways I’ve never understood the meaning of it all, until now. The time, fifteen minutes past sunset, and the place somewhere that smells of death and roses. Only now could I have fully seen the truth behind all the lies. I was blinded by a modern day grim reaper, whose sole purpose was to cut me at my weakest point and send me to an early grave. Only, he wasn’t the only one who would have a hidden agenda; a task to complete before I could take my leave. In short, my name is Arena Dior, and as I am not the first to die by his hands, a lonely girl with no future to brag about. I can promise I will fight to be one of the last.

A girl, though still a kid at the age of seventeen, she alone is our only hope. The only one who can see between the lines. It is with her that I can secure no one else will face harm by this bringer of death. A Grim Reaper who finds too much pleasure in his work to see the monster he has become. A man, who through his own loss, began stealing innocents within the dark of night and destroying them. Only their pain and suffering is enough to mask what he himself is unable to kill, the one thing that fuels the very meaning of it all; memories. Memories and the undeniable feeling of guilt.

This man, this killer, though by accident, singlehandedly cut down the one thing that meant more to him than anything money or fame or prestige could have gained him; love. He killed his only love. Anna Maier, the most beautiful and most desired lady in the town. And as fate brought them together it was fate that tore them apart. As I lay here, time has passed, seasons have changed, yet my killer doesn’t age. Now almost a century from where it all began, fate has chosen to bring her back. Only now have I seen the final detail that I had been missing this whole time in my attempt to bring an end to my killer.

                This girl is the only one who can cut the Reaper as he has cut so many. And as fate brought her back, fate will inevitably bring them back together; a sick fact that I can use against him. Only when he loses himself in her, and the memories of a life before the accident, will he become someone he himself would consider weak. It is only then that she will be able to overpower him, and destroy him before fate repeats itself. And as he takes his last glance upon his only love, it is then that I will be there to steal the memory away from him and reveal myself. My last act, that will be sweet revenge, for all of us who weren’t important enough to be noticed as anything other than another escape. If not my life, then my death will have purpose. I only wonder if as he left me there lying scared and dying along the street, if it ever crossed his mind as to what he would create.




The End

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