A Year On...

It had been a whole year since Matt, Mello and Near had seen or heard from seul. Near and Matt had almost forgotten her. Her appearance, her innocent way of kissing their cheeks. Mello still walked by the kitchen, pushing the door open a crack, to see if he would see L and Seul laughing and baking together again.

A week after they had returned from Italy together, she had sceduled a flight to America. Both Beyond and L were there now. She had a large reason in going there.

At the airport, each of the boys had cried seeing her off.

"Why? Why the hell do you have to go?!" Matt screeched at her. She brought him, Near and Mello close to her.

"I need to talk some sense into B. He's going to do someting he'll regret."

"L can sort it out! What are we going to do without you?" Mello asked. Near stood beside him in silence. He was Near. He was the emotionless, pale boy. He was confused. Why was he crying?

"You can forget me. The police will have brushed me aside, saying that it was L who solved the case, not a young girl. I no longer exist, as far as they're concerned.  I thank you all. You've done so much for me, and I...I love you all for that." Seul choked. Tears were starting to come forth. She smiled at them all. "I...I got you these." She sniffled.

She passed then each a wrapped gift. Opening them, Near found a blank puzzle, Matt,  new game console and three games, and Mello, a gun, and her own precious rosary. Near turned away, holding the box to him. He had stopped crying, but he couldn't bear to look at her anymore. Matt turned away to. She had told them to forget her. That was what they would do.

"You can't go. You can't leave us..." Mello whispered. There was angry, sadness, hatred, love, all in his eyes as he stared into her, searching for something, trying to find something that would make her stay. She gave him a smile, before cupping his face softly.

"Tell everyone I said goodye, alright...Mihael?" She asked, smiling at his true name. He jolted, then gave a grin.

"Alright...Ami. You'll come back some day, right?" He asked. She shook her head, and he sighed, raising his hand to stroke one of hers which cupped his face. "Never did get that kiss for taking you guys to Italy." He muttered, with a chortle.

"Still want it?" She asked. He looked at her, and gave a hesitant nod. She leaned forward, letting her lips brush his. He felt himself tremble as he kissed her in return. As they parted, they leaned their foreheads together. "I still remember the first night at Wammy's. I had a nightmare, and you gave me chocolate." She giggled.

"Yeah. But I gotta forget those times now, right?" He said. She gave a slight nod. Picking up her suitcase, he gave her one last peck on the lips, before he watched her leave. He dried his eyes, before turning to the other two. "Come on, Matt, hurry up, little twit, or we'll leave ya behind!" He cried out, running, with the other two hurrying behind him.

On August 4th, a girl, supposed to be 13-years of age, called Quarter Queen, was killed. The second victim of BB's 'unsolvable crime', in the Los Angles Murder Cases. That day, Beyond had placed a single kiss on the girl's forehead. The girl who knew his true name, seconds before her death. He crushed her eyes. He looked down at her thoughtfully, and gave a smile, and a little practice of his laugh. He told her one last thing, before leaving.

"I'm the reason you are Seul, and not Ami. I'll leave you to ponder how."



The End

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