Case Closed

"Your son's been taken to a doctor. He'll be fine. We've also moved in to arrest Truan Garter for murder. Also, your court case is in three weeks."

"Thank you. Wait, my daughter-!"

"Truan left her behind after killing your ex-wife's boyfriend. We found her a while ago. She's safe.

"Thank you. Honestly. Thank you." He said. And Seul smiled back. This man was a murderer, and he was going to jail, and he knew it. But his children were safe. From outside the room, there were the shouts and screeches of a man.

"He's just been brought in, as you can hear." She told him.

"He's going to kill me..." Grey shook his head, and Seul left. She closed the door, and glanced over at Matt.

"Where's Mello?" she asked.

"On the phone." He mumbled. He was half asleep. Seul smiled. She picked Matt up, and carried him through to where Megan and Neko were. She laid him down on one of the seats, before she was embraced.

"You did it, Seul!" Neko laughed.

"Yeah, I guess. I had help though, and lots of it." She laughed back. "Oh, and Neko?"


"You know you're one of my best friend, right?"


Just then, Mello came in, grinning from ear to ear. Seul hugged him too.

"Seul, we need to get back to Wammy's House as soon as possible." He told her, very seriously.


"Because we need to pack our bags."

"What?! Why?"

"That case is cracked, now, isn't it? All this has been daaamn stressful. So, you, me, Neko, Matt...and the sheep twit...are going on a vacation."

"WHAT?!" Yelled Matt, Neko and Seul together. Mello chuckled.

"I just sorted it with Roger. He's sorted our flights, and he's got us a hotel. How does two weeks in Italy sound?"

"Mello, I could bloody kiss you!" Seul squealed, hugging him tightly. He pulled back, and grinned.

"So? Where's my kiss?"

The End

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