The Arrest of Truan Garter

The first thing Seul ordered was that Garter's house be searched. She, Matt, Mello and a few other men searched the house. Mello shoved the attic door open, looking around. A boy sat in the corner, wide eyed, holding a crying baby. Mello scrambled up, beside him.

"Hey there kid. You alright?" he asked.

"I...he's going to find you..." The boy worried.

"He won't. We know what he's done. He's going to be arrested." Mello assured him. "Seul! I found them!" He called. Seul came up a few moments later. She crawled over to them. She opened her arms, and the baby was placed into them. She rocked the child, hushing his wails. He was quiet after a while. Mello took the boy down, while Seul sat with the baby, Adam. Carefully, with the help of one of the policemen, She climbed down, the baby in her arms.

She gave him to one of the police officers. "Please, get him and the other boy to a doctor, a hospital, anything. Just get them checked over." She said. He nodded, exiting, with the boy walking by his side.

"They're gonna be alright, aren't they?" Mello asked.

"You know, everyone was too busy looking in the basement. You're the only one who thought to look up there." She told him.

"...Yeah...?" He asked.

"You saved them." She smiled. "They're going to be fine because of you." She smiled. He grinned at her.

"...Gosh...I..." He was speechless.

"Save the speech for later, we've got a murderer to catch." She said. Matt joined them, throwing his arms around Mello.

"Let's go." He moaned. They nodded, exiting the house.

She went over to the police car parked a little way off.

"Lollypop, you there?"

"I'm here, Marshmallow."

"We've got the kids."

"Well done! What now?"

"Contact Officer Harris, tell him to move in and take Garter."

"Got it. Lollypop out."

Seal, Matt and Mello climbed onto the bike together, and gave out a sigh. "Back to the station, I think." Seul said. "They'll have him within the hour."

The End

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