The Arrest, And The Search

Half an hour later, Seul, sat in Matt's lap, with Mello behind them, were speeding towards the house of Alex Grey. A police car was already there. She stopped the bike, and the three climbed off. A trio of policemen climbed out of the car.

"Kids, away please, police business." One said. Seul raised an eyebrow, taking out her badge. They looked at it, then at her. The third one blinked.

"We've been given follow a child's instructions?!" He screeched.

"Hush up, will you? There will be a confirmation call that my assosiate has reached the station." She told him. The third sat back in the car. There was a rustling on the radios.

"This is Lollypop, you there, Marshmallow?" Came a rather amused voice. Seul reached in, and took the radio.

"Marshmallow here, Lollypop, you at the station?"


"Chocolate and video games."

"Hello there, my friend, are you ready to move in?" Neko asked from the station.

"Ready as I'll ever be."

"Also, about the interragation-"

"I'll be questioning him myself. I think I'm owned that much."

"Alright, Lollypop out." The radio was put down.  Seul nodded to herself.

"'Chocolate and video games'?" asked Matt with a smile. Seul put her fingers to her smiling lips.

"Right, let's go. Matt, Mello stay here. Come once we have him. I wouldn't forgive myself if either of you got hurt." She told them. They nodded. Seul, along with two of the policemen approuched the door. One of them knocked.

The door was answered.

"Yes, hello?" Alex Grey said. He was nervous. His eyes were puffy.

"Sir, we'd like you to come with us. We have a warrent to search your house, as well."

"B-but!" He protested, as one of the policemen led him to the car. He got in, his face worried. He didn't seen to recognize Seul.

* * *

Two of the policemen stayed with Seul, Matt and Mello, while the other drove Alex to the station.

"Something's wrong." Seul said. The two boys agreed, but the policemen were confused.

"What's wrong?" One asked.

"A survivor of the string of murders told me that the murderer talked to himself, hushing, like he would to a baby. Yet he said nothing about a baby at the door. Search. Find pictures, fingerprints, go through his computers, tell me what sites he uses, just find me something." She told them. The two hurried around. The three children climbed the stairs, entering the bedrooms.

"What now?" asked Matt.

"You two, take the master bedroom, try not to leave fingerprints. Once you're done, help me on the other two rooms." Seul smiled at them. They nodded, going to work.

Seul wandered into Megan's room. Purple walls, a golden carpet, and dark wooded furnature. A small clutch of teddies sat on her bed. Nothing out of the ordinary.

She continued into the baby's room. She frowned. White walls, with pale furnature. The crib had a small golden cross hanging from it. The covers were all ascue. Seul frowned. The baby...had been taken?

She shook her head, going into the main bedroom. Mello looked up, nodding as she came in.

"Nothing so far. The pillow's a little damp, and there's no pictures in here. A little weird for a father." Matt said.

"He's been crying." Mello said, confirming her suspicions.

"I would too, if my daughter had dissappeared, and my son had been taken."

"Hey! Sianattu!" The three descended the steps. One of the policemen gave Seul a picture. She bit her lip. There was Megan, Alex, his ex-wife, a baby, and another man in the picture, holding the baby.

"This man is Truan Garter. He has a record for theivery, and one for assault." She remembered. "To the station. We'll find Garter once we've questioned Grey." Seul said. They exited the house. The two policemen got into the car which was waiting for them. Seul and the other two got onto the bike, following the police car to the station.


The End

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