Megan was stacking blocks in Roger's office when Seul walked in. Megan jumped u, kncoking her tower down, as she ran to hug Seul around the middle. Seul smiled, placing her hand on the girl's head.

"Megan, darling, if I showed you a picture, would you be able to tell me if it was your daddy?" The girl looked up at her, and gave a little nod. Seul pulled up a picture of Alex Grey onto Roger's laptop.

"Daddy!" She smiled. Seul scowled to herself.

"Megan, I'm going to take you to the police station, alright? You can meet Daddy there."

"Okay!" Megan smiled happily. Seul looked up.

"Roger. Please contact the police. Tell them I need a warrent to search a suspect's house, and take him in for questioning." She told him. He nodded. Seul left, and went back to her room. She began to furiously unplug her computer, putting it into it's bag. She packed all her hacking equimptment up, along with all the files on Alex Grey. While she was doing this, she whispered.

"I relinquish ownership of the Death Note." She watched as Ryuk took his note, and left. Suddenly, she felt as if there was a black part in her memory. She shook her head slightly.

"So. Who's coming with me to question Alex Grey?" she asked, looking u at her...friends.

Matt stuck his hand up immediantly. "Can I kick his ass?" He asked innocently. Mello blinked at him best friend.

"He's the guy who made her cry? Ima coming!" he cried out. "Lemme find my baseball bat!" He laughed. Seul sighed. She placed a kiss on both of the boys' cheeks.

"Neko, could you go to the station with Megan? I need someone I trust looking after her. Near, please stay and take any calls that come through. Everyone alright with that." They all nodded.

"Alright. Let's go."

The End

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