The Past of Ami Brooks

Mello watched as Seul tapped away at her comuter, trying to trace the call, or the voice from the call. He looked at the files she had stacked next to her, on her bed. The phone rang.

"Hello. This is S. Oh, yes sir. My file? Yes, sir. No, sir. Alex Grey. No sir. Thank you. Goodbye." The phone was put down again, and Seul flopped back, to lay down on her bed. Ryuk leaned over her. He was all twisted up.

"Oiiiiiiiiii, Seul....I want apples. Please? I'm bored too...C'monnnn..." He moaned.

"Can someone get me some apples, and something sweet?" She called out. Near went out of the room. Neko, Near, Matt and Mello had been with her since the first call. Seul was thinking, now. If she used the Death Note, Alex Grey would die. His daughter, if she was, would be an orphan, and Seul herself would be damned to go to neither Heaven or Hell. Seul closed her eyes.

No. She would not use the Note. She would not kill, despite the things that had happened. There was always a price to pay.

"Seul?" Seul opened her eyes. Mello's hair tickled her cheeks, as he looked down at her. "Who was that call from, just now?" He asked. Sittiing up slowly, she sighed.

"It was Watari. He was letting me know that L had read my file, before I came here." She told him truthfully.

"Oh..." Mello was silent. Matt and Neko watched his face for a moment, knowing curiousity would get the better of him, eventually. Matt already knew what was in that file. He would tell Seul that fact later.

Near returned with a large bowl of apples, and a bag of lollypops. Ryuk made a face at the apples, knowing he couldn't eat them without being noticed. He glared at Seul, who smirked back.

"You're mean." He grumbled. Seul gave a little wink at the Shinigami.

"Seul...can I talk to you a moment?" Matt asked. Seul gave a yawn and a nod. The two of them stepped outside the door. "I know. About Alexander Grey. About you...Ami." He told her. He placed a hand on her head, bringing her close. She hugged him tightly.

* * *

The class had been driving that teacher to the brink of insanity. Ami had sat quietly, reading, along with a few others, doing what they were supposed to. At the end of the class, everyone was kept behind. Ami, along with the other quiet ones, protested.

"We weren't doing anything! You can't tell us off for doing our work!" Ami had cried out. He snapped.

The sound of hand against cheek echoed around the room, along with a sharp intake of breathe. Ami touched her cheek. A deep gash sat there. Blood trickled down her face.

"You monster..." Another had breathed. The teacher had thought it was Ami, and had punched her in the eye, then to the side of the head. This time, she cried out, falling to the floor. He had hit her in the temple. She was still awake, but barely. The man glared down at her, before giving her three firm kicks to the stomach. On the third, blood spattered out of her mouth as she coughed. The girl fell unconscious. None of the other students dared do anything.

"If any of you speak of this..." He had growled. Everyone shook their heads. In that room, they had agreed never to speak of it again. One of the boys picked Ami up, putting her into her seat. He waited till she had awoken, and under the teacher's suervision, he had tended to her bloodied cheek and eye.

That teacher's name was Mr. A. Grey.

Everyone gave their word that they would not tell a soul about that lesson. Except a couple. Ami herself, and the boy who had tended to her wounds.

* * *

Two years later, on the day she had met Beyond Birthday, and Watari, her parents had been murdered brutally.

* * *

Seul shook herself out of the memory. Matt held her tightly as she cried, stroking her hair as gently as he could. None of them were used to comforting a girl. A few of the other boys watched them curiously. Softly, he kissed the top of her head. Mello, Near and Neko came out together. Matt glanced at them. Mello seemed confused, trying to ask with only his eyes what was going on. Near seemed a little confused, but kept his face straight. Neko watched, holding her tongue. Mello was the first to speak.

"Seul." He said softly. She glanced around at him. He saw the pain etched across her face. He placed a hand on her shoulder, and looked at her very seriously. "I don't know why you're crying, but whoever caused it, I'm going to kick their ass." He said, a smirk creeping onto his face.

Seul gave him an awkward smile.

"I'm going to go see Megan." She said. She gave Matt a hug, a quick one to Near and Neko, and then brought Mello into a soft embrace. "Thank you, Mello." She whispered, only loud enough for him to hear. She released him, before going to find Megan.


The End

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