Cute Couples

Matt, Mello and Seul returned to the closet half an hour later, and listened at the door.

"Think they're gonna let us out any time soon?" Neko sighed.

"They'll have to. I hope, at least." There came the ever-calm voice of Near.

"I guess it could be worse. It could be freezing cold. And I could be hugging you."

"It is freezing cold."

"Good point, can I have a hug now?" There was shuffling, and a little giggle from inside the closet. Seul made an 'Aww' face at the other two, who made 'Eww' faces back. She rolled her eyes, before yanking the closet door open. The two inside scrambled apart, but not fast enough to avoid Matt from taking a picture. The three looked at the photo.

It was Near, with one arm around Neko. She was leaning against his shoulder, with her hand across her lap. It looked like near had been just about to hold it. The two were now blushing heavily. Seul pulled the two to their feet, and the shuffled out of the closet.

"I think it's cute." Seul smiled. Near gave her a secret smile.

"Well I think it's weird. Does Near love Neko? (8)Near's got a crush on Neko! Near's got a crush on Nekoooooooooooo!!!(8)" Mello sang, running off. Matt passed the console with the picture on to Seul, giving a subtle nod to Near and Neko, before running after Mello.

"Just ignore him, you two. He's Mello, for God's sake." Seul smiled at them.

"Seeuuuulllllll! A call!" shouted Matt. Seul ran back to ber room. She picked up the phone.

"Hello." She said simply.

Shaky breathes came down the phone, followed by a shaky voice. "Give her back, or the child dies."


The End

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