On The Plane, And A Little Prank

L and Watari were sat on the private jet in silence. A large bowl of icecream sat in front of L, but he wasn't eating it. He was busy glancing out of the window.

"L? Is anything the matter?" Watari asked. L looked over at him, and Watari closed his mouth. For the first time since L had first come to Wammy's house, tears rolled down his cheeks. "What is it, L?" Watari asked, softer this time.

"I've let myself get too close to that child. She was the first one to have ever hold me like she did, and the first one I did likewise to. I didn't even have the courtesy, or was it the courage? to say goobye." He said.

"You may call her when we arrive in America, if you wish."

"Perhaps. But I certainly won't see her again for two reasons. By the time I return, she would have left Wammy's House. Another would be that I would be weak, if I let her close once more. These...walls I have made are crumbling." He said.

"And if she came to find you?" Watari asked.

"...Then those walls would break."


* * *

"But Seul...No time to muck around, even for a little bit?" Neko moaned. It had been three days, and all Seul and Matt had done was collect data on Alexander Gray, people associated with him, and something that Seul was doing on her own; find info on Beyond.

Seul sighed. "Five minutes. And my game."

"Uhh...what game?"

"Hide and seek. I know, a kiddy gme, but I wanna play it. You hide, I'll seek. Get Near to play too." I said. She ran off, as I started to count. I went up to twenty, before going to find them. I bumped into Mello on my way, and he helped me look around. It didn't take long.

Near and Neko were both squeezed into a very small closet. Looking through the key hole, I could see that the two were pressed together quite tightly. Both seemed to be blushing. Quietly, I put the key in, and locked the door. There was a screech fron Neko, as I turned out the lights. Mello and Seul walked off, cackling evilly.

The End

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