Alex Gray, And Another L

Mello opened and closed his mouth, rather like a goldfish. Seul had stopped the bike, about 20 metres away from the suspect's house. Both she and Mello got off of the bike. As she watched him get out of the car, and hurry into the house, a small gasp escaped from Seul's lips.

Mello looked at the girl beside him, frowning when he saw her eyes were filling with tears. She was shaking.

"Seul? Are you alright? Are we going to question him?" Mello asked. He jumped when she took his hand, squeezing it softly. She turned, still holding his hand, to lean her head upon his shoulder. He felt her hot tears melt through his shirt.

"No. I am 80% sure that he is the killer. We must report this to L directly." She said, trying to dry her tears. The two got back onto the bike. As they sped away, Mello slowly, slowly, sunk into sleep.

* * *

"WHAT?!" Mello screeched. Roger moved swiftly to the right, taking Megan with him, as Mello threw a pen at him. it left an indent in the wall behind him.

"Just as I said; L and Watari have left for America. Seul, L gave me direct orders to give you this."  Seul, who was perched on a spinning  chair, her legs up to her chest, her hands on her knees. She looked at them glumly. A thick white envelope was placed on the desk in front of her. Seul made no move to take it. Instead she curled her finger into a small tub of ice cream, scooping some up, and putting it in her mouth. Ryuk stood, and left, like had been doing all day.

Seul stood, and jumped down. She bit her thumb.

"Mello. Who is the best at hacking, apart from Neko and I?" She asked.

"Uhh...Matt, I guess."

"Please tell him to find a laptop, and go into the police files of Alexander Gray. After that, please tell him to send all of the files concerning him, his family, his background, anything you can find about him, and send it to my computer. After that, he will wipe his history, and will not use that computer for at least 28 days. Please tell Neko and Near that I require sweets. Any kind will suffice. Thank you." She said. Mello blinked, before going.

"Alexander Gray, Miss Seul?"

"Yes, Roger. We will not discuss this matter any more." She said, before taking her laptop case, and walking off.

"Miss Seul?" Roger called. Seul paused. "L told me...that he was leaving this case to you. Currently...I suppose you are another L." He said, with a small smile. Seul turned to him again.

"I see. If that is indeed the case, please forward all phonecalls made to Wammy's House to my room. These odd." She sighed.

"Cases, miss?"

"Yes, cases, Roger. The string of homocides, and the disappearance of Beyond Birthday. Now, if you'd please excuss me, I will return to my room. I have many things to think about." 

The End

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